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This experimental set up is a rubric of a functional gear as applied in Physics. It gives a reflection of how the gear system operates, how sizes and numbers of teeth in any given gear system relate, as well as, how the naming of the gear system is achieved…
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Download file to see previous pages Theory has it that the larger the gear the less the revolution and the reverse are also true. But can this be explained experimentally? Questions that are of fundamental and the experiment seek answers to are: what is the gear system? What does the gear system entail? And last but not least, what objectives define this experiment? A gear is a common device that is used in transmission of power in engineering. It is an essential component in running of automobiles and machinery (Uicker 67). A geared system includes any system that is toothed and designed for transmission or receiving of motion by means of using successive engaged teeth. The wheel is called the larger wheel where as the pinion is referred to as a smaller gear. A gear is used in engineering situations. It facilitates the rotational speed, the transmission of power (torque) and the direction of output and input shaft. Simpler gear specifications occurs in a gear ratio whereby the ratio of the number of hearing teeth that are the driving gears to the numbers of hearing teeth on the driven gear could be more or less than one. In cases where value of the ratio is more than one, this will lead to a reduced driving rotational speed, and in cases where it is less than one, it could give an increased speed. This experiment seeks to study different gear arrangements and some uses of the gear system. An automotive gear is a gear system that is used in the automotive industry (Uicker 92). This gear gives out a high torque and converts the mechanical energy in a smooth and noiseless way. Turbine gears, on the other hand, are used in minimization of power and noise. Worm gears are gears that are used in driving of the tooth wheel rim that is positioned on the turbines bearing. The objectives set for this experiment was to study different arrangements of gears including worm gearboxes, automobile gear boxes, as well as, turbine reduction gear boxes. Theory. The important specification of the parameters of the gears includes the number of the gears teeth (z), the circular pitch diameter of the gear (d), and the module (m). The module, m, can, therefore, be given by the following equation; m= d/z, d is the path diameter which could transmit equal motion as that of the actual gear by a pure rolling. The gear ratio or the torque ratio can also be termed as the mechanical advantage. For a basic gear train that has two gears, input gear drives output gear. The teeth of the gear are normally made in a manner that the pitch circles of one gear rolls on another without slipping (Uicker 42). The speed (v) of the contact point of the pitch circles are equal and are given by the following equation; V = r A w A = r B w B, where the input gear (GA) has a radius (r A) and an angular velocity (w A), where as the output gear (GB) has a radius (r B) and angular velocity (w B). The radius of the pitch circle is directly proportional to the number of teeth in gear. This, therefore, implies that the number of teeth’s ratio is equal to the radii’s ratio, that is W A/ w B= r B/ r A = N B/N A. Where N A is the input gear’s total number of teeth where as N B is the output gear’s number of teeth. Therefore, the gear ratio for a basic gear train is equal to; R= w A/ w B = N B/ N A. This equation implies that if the number of teeth in the input gear is smaller than that of the output gear, then the input gear has to go through a faster rotation in comparison with the output gear. Observations. The different types of the gear teeth were observed in the laboratory and their names and diameter recorded in the table shown below. Name of the gear Diameter of the gear(cm) 1st gear 13.50 2nd gear 7.25 3rd ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(THE GEARED SYSTEM AND THE GEAR BOX Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
THE GEARED SYSTEM AND THE GEAR BOX Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
“THE GEARED SYSTEM AND THE GEAR BOX Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words”, n.d.
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