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Stress and Strain Physics - Coursework Example

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Stress and Strain Name: Institution: Introduction The dynamics of rigid bodies consist of objects with definite shapes and sizes, although the particles that make up these objects are inhibited such that the relative positions of those particles do not change…
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Stress and Strain Physics Coursework
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Download file to see previous pages Strain is a measure of any particular change in the shape of an object while stress is a measure of the strength of a particular material. Because of this research problem, we will incorporate the concept of elastic modulus to help understand the problem and address the research question. Elastic modulus is a measure of the amount of the stress required to make a change in the shape of an object (Redman, 2006). The question of research The major research questions that this research seeks to investigate and address are the concepts and the basic terms of stress and strain. The research will also look into various types stress and the mathematical formulae and equations involved in understanding the concepts investigated. Finally this research paper will look into the stress strain curve. This research paper will help us understand the variability and relationship between stress and strain, this will enhance our ability to standardize the equations and the variables involved in the concepts of strain and stress. The main objective of this research papers is to shed light on the concepts of strain and stress and to address the relationship between the two terms. The equations and formulae involved are just to help us conceptualize and master the two concepts in addressing our research problem stated in the introduction above. ...
On the other hand, strain is a deformation due to a twist of a solid due to the action of stress. This gives the extent to which an object is stretched due to stress. Hence strain in a product of stress or rather stress causes strain. As stated earlier in the introductory part of this research paper, we will look into various types of stress which will be elaborated in the subject of research area. Generally there are three distinct types of stress that results from subjecting an object to stress. If an object is compressed or stretched, that particular object is subjected to what we refer to as a tensile stress. If another object if put under a force a long a whole surface and the volume of the object is altered, then we refer to that particular experience as a bulk stress. Lastly, it acts tangentially to the surface and results into a twist of the object, then we refer to that as a shear stress (Tipler, 1995). As the major objective of this research paper, we are going to investigate some of the major concepts of stress and strain that will help us as students to understand the two terms. Some of the major concepts that we as students may find challenging when learning about stress and strain include: Deformation of rocks; we often difficult for us to realize that rocks too get broken or bent. It is also challenging to realize the forces responsible for events such as faults and folds. This can be seconded by those who live in areas which are tectonically stable and have never experienced any such thing as tremors. If we have to understand the basic terms of strain and stress, we must therefore rise above this barrier because it will not be easy to understand the conditions and causes of deformation if we cannot comprehend the word deformation itself. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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