What is Heat and what is Temperature - Essay Example

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Energy is measured on the earth in the form of both heat and temperature. According to (Gavin 104-7) “The concept of temperature is as fundamental a physical concept as the three fundamental quantities of mechanics—mass, length, and time…
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What is Heat and what is Temperature
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"What is Heat and what is Temperature"

What is Heat and what is Temperature

All atoms in universe are in motion; this motion can be in the form of vibration, such as a solid, or moving over long distances and colliding such as what occurs in gases. The greater the amount of motion in a substance, the higher the temperature. Temperature on earth is measure using three different scales. Kelvin, Fahrenheit and Celsius . Heat is a measure of the flow of kinetic energy from one material to another, or the total amount of kinetic energy in a system. All heat flows from substance with high kinetic energy, or a source, to substance with low kinetic energy, called a sink. Therefore the energy flow in a system moves from a source to a sink. We sense this change in kinetic energy as heat. Heat is measure by using the calorie, which is a unit that denotes the amount of energy it takes to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree centigrade. The specific heat of a substance is a measure of how much heat is required to raise 1 gram of the substance to 1 degree centigrade. Specific heat is also called heat capacity. Liquid water has the highest specific heat of any natural substance on earth. The specific heat of water is 1 calorie per gram. Therefore water can hold much more heat energy than rock. The high heat capacity of water is an important property that helps the oceans regulates the climate of the Earth. Read More
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Heat and temperature
(Liboff, 1990) The addition of energy especially heat energy triggers particles to move faster while the removal of heat energy slows the particles down. Hence, if the state of heat energy of a system is known then the speed of its particles can be ascertained to a reasonable extent.
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Relationship between heat and temperature
This paper also explains the transitional state of matter from solids to liquid, then to gas and the energy involved to break the bond. The result of this work finally gives an insight of how heat transfer relies on temperature variation to move from a source or a region of high to lower concentration.
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Heat Exhaustion
It could also be caused by salt imbalance due to too much sweating. When the body cannot compensate for the fluid loss through perspiration, the body temperature starts
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Heat and Temperature
A better understanding of heat includes responding to the following questions. The study of heat relates to kinetic theory of matter by considering the characteristics surrounding matter and its relation to heat production. The kinetic theory
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The temperature
Temperature of a substance measures the average thermal energy or heat of its atoms and and/or molecules. Planck temperature is considered to be the maximum attainable temperature (Anissimov, 2011). There are numerous forms of energy including heat energy, gravitational
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Heat Transfer
In the distillation column, separation of air happens in its liquid rather than its gaseous state. Distillation, which is the separation of liquid or vapor mixture into its component fractions of desired purity by heat application or
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Heat stress procedure
One of these is the heat stress procedure. Heat stress procedure highlights the health and safety principles and guidelines for applying a sufficient program in order to control heat in workshops, industries and
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Body Temperature and Heat Regulation
Mammals and bird are the only known animals to maintain their normal temperatures even with fluctuations of temperature in their surroundings. The first way of regulating external body temperature is through conduction, where the body conducts heat to the environment (IHW, 2006).
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Heat exchanger
Moreover, this experiment aims to find out the temperature efficiency for co-current and counter current, the concurrent and the counter current operation overall heat transfer coefficient, the number of transfer units and the
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Heat temperature and kinetic energy
As stated by the theory, matter is made up of tiny particles called molecules or atoms that move in motion. Solids have particles that are compactly bounded to each other that can cause vibration movement rather than moving from one location to another. Kinetic theory can also be used to describe the many physical states of matter.
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