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Information System in business - Essay Example

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1 Exam Section Part 1 Reflect briefly on the role of the user in successful deployment of an information system. What actions are required by the developers to engage with users? The actions are mentioned below: The developer can utilize users for beta testing The developer can perform installation testing by the users The developer can perform support services by the users…
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Information System in business
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Download file to see previous pages This includes (Define E-business and E-commerce (what is difference between ebusiness and ecommerce?): ): E commerce transactional Websites Relationship and service oriented websites Brand Building Website Portal Website E- Business is defined, as the processing of core business process via Internet is known as E- business. This concludes that the contribution of any core business process, whether it includes e commerce functions, referred as E- business (Define E-business and E-commerce (what is difference between ebusiness and ecommerce?): ). i) Sketch out the system development life-cycle, and describe briefly what is done in any four of its key stages and Show the main stages of the system development life cycle. ii) It is said that 70% of Information System projects fail to deliver the expected benefits. Propose some actions that can be taken during development and deployment of systems to improve delivery of benefits, explaining what each action aims to achieve. iii) Explain what is meant by tacit knowledge, and suggest some ways that it can be exploited by an organization. The Data Protection Acts constrain what an organization may do with personal data that can be traced back to an individual. Choose four principles behind the Acts, and describe the rights and duties they give rise to. 2 Exam Section Part 2 Information Systems are usually categorized either by what they do (TPS, MIS, DSS and EIS), or by the level at which they fit into the organization (Operational, Management, Strategic). Giving examples, evaluate the role of the various categories in providing a business with competitive advantage. Explain how each category contributes to the company’s success, and how it relates to the other categories. The transaction processing system (TPS) is categorized at the operational level of the organization. In order to contribute with the organization’s competitive advantage a common example in a typical operational accounting system would be a payroll system and an entry order system. Moreover, for e-commerce functions, transactions processing system cal be referred as online transaction processing system and can contribute to the organization’s competitive advantage by data entry , transaction processing, maintaining a database, report generation and inquiry processing. The Management information system (MIS) is tailored for management functions as it demonstrates clear objectives to make sure that the MIS prioritize its focus on the core business process of an organization. The system focuses on the goals and objectives of the organization and at the same time, it detects factors and reasons for failures. Unique from other systems, MIS recognize human interactions and consider the human behavior factors in the processes of management. Moreover, the system identifies information coming from different sources along with objectives, enabling the system to categorize the information for efficient use. The user- friendly interface provides an easy user interface for employees, increasing efficiency of management process. Furthermore, the MIS contribute for organization’s critical success factors by creating information support to the managers. The priority is the mission critical application that facilitates the requirements of top management. Decision support ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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