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Goldilocks Zone Properties - Research Paper Example

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Name Instructor Task Date Goldilocks Zone Properties. Goldilocks Zone is sometimes called Habitable Zone because it is the only place in the universe known to supports life (Davies, pp 121-150). According to Davies, Earth and regions that support life lie in the Goldilocks Zone; considered to be the area just after Venus and just before Mars…
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Goldilocks Zone Properties
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"Goldilocks Zone Properties"

Download file to see previous pages According to a NASA journal titled “The Goldilocks Zone”, the Goldilocks Zone is very big. The journal also talks about researchers who are trying to extend the regions of the Zone by looking for signs of life in distant planets. Research shows that there are certain organisms that prefer acidic conditions and some that swim in hot boiling water. The journal goes on to talk about ecosystems that have been discovered where the sun never reaches, and there is very hot water enough to melt metal. This means that the Goldilocks zone is very big, and covers areas that might be considered uninhabitable. The aim of this paper is to give a detailed account of the properties of the Goldilocks Zone. One of the Goldilocks zone properties is the presence of liquid water on the surface of the planets (Brian, 2011). The only planet known to contain large water bodies on its surface is the earth and this is where water exists in its liquid form rather than ice (Davies, pp 129-150). Oceans, lakes and rivers are surface water bodies which sustain lives of animals that live in water and also humans on earth. Water in the Goldilocks zone should not be too hot to evaporate or too cold to freeze, therefore, in case water evaporates or freezes, all life will vanish. Since earth is at the centre of the Zone, it has a constant water surface whereby the water does not become too hot or too cold to sustain life. Mars is considered to be on the cold side of the zone while Venus is on the hot side hence these two planets are not habitable since their water surface is irregular. Water is able to sustain life by: Transporting materials around the human and animal body and it can resist frequent changes in temperature therefore offering a favorable environment for aquatic animals. Planets with a hydrogen atmosphere such as earth can maintain water flowing no matter the distance from the sun. Once water freezes or boils and lost into space, all earthly life will be lost. Liquid water is a vital property for a region to be classified under the Goldilocks Zone (Brian, 2011). Position to a star determines whether or not a planet has liquid water (Brian, 2011). According to Brian, a star’s energy output, gravitational pull, and size determine the location of the Goldilocks Zone. Compared to other liquids, water has unique properties which make it essential for life (Davies, pp85-103). Oceans and lakes do not freeze rock solid because water expands when it freezes. According to Davies, ice floats on liquid water, and aquatic animals are able to live on the water below. Water can dissolve many substances and it takes a lot of energy to change its temperature. This means that when a region experiences hot temperature, water remains moderately cool, hence sustaining life. Therefore, presence of water in the Goldilocks zone is a fundamental property, since it is able to sustain life during the cold and hot conditions (Davies, pp85-103). As earlier mentioned, Earth falls under the Goldilocks Zone, and the presence of water on Earth gives it its relatively moderate type of weather. Temperature is another property of the Goldilocks Zone and is chiefly affected by climate as the Earth rotates. The orbit of the Earth is circular so when it orbits around the zone, it enables the temperatures to remain steady. This is contrary to planets such as Venus which has an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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