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Year 2012: Fact or Fiction - Research Paper Example

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The 2012 phenomenon has long been disputed between various believers who believe in the accuracy of the ancient Mayans and those who trust that all the theories which are meant to support the predictions are scientifically impossible…
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Year 2012: Fact or Fiction
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Download file to see previous pages “While experts may not agree on precisely why such a powerful civilization seems to have disappeared, they can’t argue over the marvel of what it left behind” (Braden 3). However, scientific theories suggest that there is no reason why the predictions should be anywhere near practicality. In presenting the argument that the 2012 phenomenon is impractical, I have taken the support of various scientific theories which suggest that there is no imminent threat looming in the near future. Be it the much debated appearance of planet Nibiru or the threat of the solar flares, science has answers stemming from the inexhaustible research that various scientists from all over the world have been conducting over the ages. Research has shown that all the theories which suggest the destruction of earth are themselves flawed at one point or the other and the same proves to be the decisive factor for a scientific mind to look at the predictions as impractical. Name 2 THE PREDICTION The so-called 2012 predictions suggest that in the December of 2012, some devastating events will bring fatal destruction on the earth. Interestingly, there are multiple events that are considered to bring about the inception of the cataclysmic events. However, one of the main and most talked about reason is the end of the Baktun cycle in the long count system of the Mayan calendar. This year marks the end of a baktun which is equivalent to 144,000 days according to the long count calendar of the Mayans. On the 22nd of December, 2012, the 13th baktun would come to an end. “Their calendar predicted that the present Age of the Jaguar will come to its end in 2012” (Gilbert 16). Some believe that there are actual astronomical evidences that reinforce the long count system. The planet hit theory is one of the most debated points when it comes to the 2012 predictions. A comet planet Nibiru, which is believed to travel through the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars, will hit the earth. The existence of the planet is in itself a matter of debate among the ardent believers and scientists. Some say that the planet doesn’t even exist while many still counter the scholars by stating that the fact of the planet’s existence has deliberately been shadowed from public knowledge. There are other versions which suggest a reversal in the rotation of the earth which could pull the plug and bring an end to the life. The threat of a nuclear war, a financial meltdown and various other theories are also widely considered as debatable points when the 2012 predictions are taken into account. While some believe that the solar storms may also be an important factor, many other debated arguments state storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other disasters to be the causal effect for the predicted doomsday. However, no solid evidence has been identified which support the theory of the 2012 phenomenon. Name 3 THEORIES AND THEIR CONTRADICTIONS Planet Nibiru. Nibiru is believed to be a large planetary object—according to doomsday believers-- that is to collide with earth on the alleged doomsday. The planet revolves round the sun and is supposed to pass by earth every 3600 years. Zecharia Sitchin, in his book called the “The 12th planet” states that Nibiru had collided with another planet that had led to the formation of the earth, the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars, and comets. And it is this Nibiru which is believed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Year 2012: Fact or Fiction?" is quite popular among the assignments in high school. Still, this text opens a new perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the manner for my own example.

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