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Multiple Sclerosis on Different Points of Views - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This paper declares that the first symptom of living with Multiple Sclerosis starts with the denial of the problem and ignoring it. The symptoms persist, and it comes accompanied with anger towards oneself. The medical evaluations then come around and the professionals start mentioning MS…
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Multiple Sclerosis on Different Points of Views
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Download file to see previous pages The genetic component of MS risk is around only 25%. The author dismisses massive genome-wide association studies by stating that 20-30% of the perceived heritability of MS is explainable, and 70-80% is not explainable. The author also emphasizes one fact that there is no evidence of the existence of genetically MS immune population since the condition is noticeable globally. The author concludes that as much as genetic factors contribute to the development of MS, it is not evidently the major drive of MS causation among individuals. Taylor supports his claim using evidence obtained for a variety of journals such as J NeuralNeurosurgeon and Psychiatry in addition to the Journal of Epidemiology Community Health.
The authors, Reder, Orb, and, Kappos are researchers in different universities under the Department of Neurology. O'Connor is based at St. Michael hospital and Ramettae is a researcher at Healthcare Pharmaceuticals. Their study seeks to analyze the efficiency of interferon β-1b, which is useful for patients with MS. The authors base their research using data from Betaseron in Newly Emerging Multiple Sclerosis, for Initial treatment (BENEFIT) and Betaseron Efficacy Yielding Outcomes of a New Dose (BEYOND) as well as the Long-Term Follow up (LTF) studies. In addition, they make use of the survival data from the 16-year LTF study. The authors claim that a comparison amongst multiple possible trials is necessary due to dynamics in the treatment of MS over the past ten years. The clinical trials of interferon β-1b-BENEFIT, BEYOND, and 16-year old LTF provided critical evidence on the frequency and severity of adverse effects as reported by treating physicians. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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