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Deciphering and Comparing Proverbial Phrases - Assignment Example

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"Deciphering and Comparing Proverbial Phrases" paper analizes such proverbs as "Put a pacifist to work in a bomb factory and in two weeks he will be designing a new type of a bomb", and "All the steam in the world could not, like the virgin build Charter"…
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Deciphering and Comparing Proverbial Phrases
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Extract of sample "Deciphering and Comparing Proverbial Phrases"

Download file to see previous pages No matter how opposed a person might be towards the concept of waging a war, if the mind is put to work on a task that needs to be done, the task takes precedence against the principles. The chief duty is to design a bomb, and no matter how opposed the principles of the person concerned are, he would eventually end up innovating and creating a new type of bomb.

According to the author, technology has shaped the human mind and has been much of a latent threat to the very existence of mankind as much as it has been a boon. The author through his interpretation of human psychology and the constant struggle between the opposing forces of principle/conscience and duty has tried to convey that the human mind and its intrinsic qualities are overpowered by practicality and the reality of life. In this case, the reality is the surrounding, the environment, and the opportunity to design a new type of bomb. Human beings are thinkers, innovators, and are prone to ideate. A constant undercurrent of the urge to experiment and innovate prevails on the human mind. The human psyche by nature is inclined to improvise and invent things from what it sees around it and in this example provided by the writer, he may go against his pacifism to design a new bomb within weeks. Even if this means going against his very fundamentals he would still be drawn to live a life of intellectual prosperity and independence.

We live in an age where man’s lust for power and technological superiority overshadows the basic principles of humanity and life. Man’s greed for machines and mechanization is to such an extent that he would let the machines take over and in turn be reduces to a defunct and cold vestige of sorts. In our age mechanization and scientific leapfrogging have finally triumphed to an extent that we can actually feel the tendency of the machine to make physically and intellectually challenging human life impossible. (Orwell 193) ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Deciphering and Comparing Proverbial Phrases Assignment, n.d.)
Deciphering and Comparing Proverbial Phrases Assignment.
(Deciphering and Comparing Proverbial Phrases Assignment)
Deciphering and Comparing Proverbial Phrases Assignment.
“Deciphering and Comparing Proverbial Phrases Assignment”.
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