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Dalai Lama and the Buddhism Uniqueness - Assignment Example

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The essay "Dalai Lama and the Buddhism Uniqueness" discusses the differences between the Buddhist and western approaches to determine the source of one’s problems, Dalai Lama’s opinion on happiness in relation to nature-nurture, etc…
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Dalai Lama and the Buddhism Uniqueness
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Extract of sample "Dalai Lama and the Buddhism Uniqueness"

Download file to see previous pages To avoid problems and live as one happy group, the Buddhist suggests that people have proper attitudes, thoughts, and actions towards each other.
The western approach is that one’s problems are caused by a lack or failure to have. This approach states that when you have what you desire, you are happy and not troubled because your needs are met. On the other hand, as humans when we lack these needs and wants, we are in problems. Lack of food, shelter, basic health care, and other needs result in anxiety as what contributes to our well being is not available. To avoid this, western culture advocates for hard work in order to achieve one’s daily needs, meet their wants, and be happy. As people work hard to meet their needs and avoid problems, they ignore other people’s problems. Buddhist refer to this approach as selfish and individualistic.

Lama had a special way as to what is true happiness and how one can achieve true happiness in life. He says that every motion in our life is towards happiness and in the process of searching for happiness, people undergo suffering. According to him, many people in the world work at achieving their own happiness but the secret to true happiness is making others happy.

He says that ‘’all happiness in the world comes from the desire for happiness for others’’ (p 52). He also adds that happiness comes as a result of humility; to cultivate humility which is one’s virtue leads to inner happiness.
Regarding other people as more precious than us leads to happiness. This regard is shown in our actions and deeds towards them and not striving to make ourselves happy which is a resemblance of selfishness. Seeking personal happiness by nature is a self-centered move since it makes only one person happy and inconsiderate to other people. Lama suggests that many of the people in the world who are unhappy are those who are after their own happiness and who have a self-focused view towards happiness. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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