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The Daodejings View of the Ideal State - Literature review Example

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The paper 'The Daodejing’s View of the Ideal State' presents Daoism which is one of the foremost schools of traditional Chinese thought, along with Confucianism. It has profoundly influenced Chinese philosophy and culture and spread to all parts of the world…
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The Daodejings View of the Ideal State
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Extract of sample "The Daodejings View of the Ideal State"

Download file to see previous pages According to this, Laozi was born in the Chu, a southern state in the Zhou dynasty, as Li Er. Laozi served as the keeper of the archival records at the imperial court of Zhou, which implies that he may have been skilled in astrology and divination. In this capacity, Laozi is said to have been consulted by Confucius on matters of ceremonies. Laozi is reputed to have reprimanded Confucius for his pride and to have been praised by Confucius for his wisdom. Laozi propagated Daoism until he was eighty and then, disillusioned with the decline of the Zhou, departed westward from China, riding an ox. According to legend, a purple cloud hovered over him and his journey is termed ‘the Purple Cloud from the East.’ At the Hank Pass, a border official called Yin Xi requested him to put down his teaching in writing. Laozi composed the Daodejing and departed for an unknown destination. The debate continues as to whether Laozi was a legend and whether the Daodejing is a compendium of texts compiled by several authors. However, the date of the Laozi is generally acknowledged to be the fourth century B.C. (Chan. 2007).
Several manuscript versions of the Daodejing exist, including the texts of Wang Bi (226-249 A.D.) and Heshanggong (179-157 A.D.). The book consists of 5,000 characters and is divided into two parts and 81 chapters, or sections. Part one, with chapters 1-37, is called the Dejing (Classic of Virtue), while Part Two, with chapters 38-81, is called the Daojing (Classic of the Way). In 1973, two Laozi silk manuscripts were discovered at Mawangdui, near Changsha in the Hunan province in a tomb sealed in 168 B.C. In late 1993, the excavation of a tomb in Guodian, Jingmen City, Hubei province, near the old capital of the state of Chu, dated about 300 B.C., led to the discovery of a text of the Daodejing written on bamboo slips. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Daodejings View of the Ideal State Literature review.
(The Daodejings View of the Ideal State Literature Review)
The Daodejings View of the Ideal State Literature Review.
“The Daodejings View of the Ideal State Literature Review”.
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