Shared Truths Among Law and Religions - Essay Example

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The aim of this short essay is to examine common moral values - the core fundament of contemporary laws and religious principles. Furthermore, the essay would evaluate the aspects of co-existence between religion and legal government within modern society…
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Shared Truths Among Law and Religions
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Q Ans. Ideas that people following all religions can commonly share and approve of are intrinsically related to fundamental moral values. Some things do not need to be justified on the basis of religion to be accepted as legit; they just seem right. For example, every individual who has all the sensibilities of a human and is able to think logically would definitely agree that truth should be promoted and lies should be banned. This and many such rules are based on common sense and are approved of by the basic human sensibility irrespective of a belief in religion. On the basis of this perspective, ideas and considerations that Christians, Buddhists, and atheists might commonly accept include imposition of rules and regulations to deter discrimination on the basis of caste, gender, color, or origin; deterrence of fraud; deterrence of lies; deterrence of violence and bullying; deterrence of rape; and imposition of all such rules that are directed at the well-being of the society at large. Evidence of this can be witnessed in that all societies have a system of law and order that is directed at promotion of justice and deterrence of injustice and violence, whether that is a predominantly Christian society like America, a predominantly Buddhist society like Burma, or a predominantly atheist society like Japan. People of all religions want legal freedom to pray in their religious ways; “Because the Establishment Clause does not apply to purely private speech, students enjoy the right to read their Bibles or other scriptures, say grace before meals, pray before tests, and discuss religion with other willing student listeners” (“Joint Statement”).
Q. 2: Ans.
The laws and government supported by the shared ideas and considerations of Christians, Buddhists, and atheists is such that allows their respective followers complete freedom to practice their religions without conflict. Such a governmental setup has to be democratic and considerate of the individualistic needs and desires of the people following different religions. “The word democracy means only that the people rule. Other than, perhaps, requiring freedom of speech and equal access to the ballot, indispensable requirements of self-rule, the notion of democracy sets no limits on what the people may do in their sovereign capacity” (Stern). Such a system of law and government cannot, in any way, be biased toward people of a certain religion. One way this can be ensured is by giving equal representation to people following either of the three religious beliefs in important public positions. There has to be a separate quota for the followers of each religion in the parliament, secretariat, and candidacy for elections. Human rights are indivisible, inherent, universal, and inalienable. People have human rights right from the point of their birth. A responsible system of law and government assigns equal importance to all human beings irrespective of their religious beliefs or associations. Australia provides a good example of such a system because anyone in Australia including the government may be scrutinized for their actions in a court of law (“about Australia”).
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