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Perfect City in Plato's view, with the philosophers and guardians and the working class and how they all work together - Research Paper Example

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Name Teacher Class Date Perfect City in Plato's view, with the philosophers and guardians and the working class and how they all work together Plato wrote about his ideal city in his work The Republic. He called this ideal city as polis which is based on justice and virtue where its citizens serve each other and live according to a universal truth and strives to realize their potentials…
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Perfect City in Platos view, with the philosophers and guardians and the working class and how they all work together
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Download file to see previous pages It is far from monarchy which a child of king or queen automatically becomes a ruler by birth right. From this this philosophical thought comes the social and economic stratification which are meant to forge social solidarity in the ideal state (Silvermintz 762) In stratifying, Plato did not discriminate people by birth but by capability and will of who should rule and exercise political power over a state. , "philosophers [must] become kings…or those now called kings [must]…genuinely and adequately philosophize" (The Republic 5). Plato put so much emphasis on the philosopher king or the philosopher ruler whom designated as the Guardians. They are chosen by an inner calling or daimon and by their birth or privileged station in life. The philosopher kings are also those who are supposed to have a philosophical temperament that can judge between mere appearances of objects and permanent abstract forms or in short, those who can distinguish truth from falsity. For Plato’s philosopher’s it is necessary for them “to possess philosophical truths for their own sake, where this in turn implies good regardless of any bene? cial e?ects (Woolf 33). The Guardians are supposed to have a heart of bronze and silver which meant that they have the physical capability and also the intellectual prowess to rule. To have this quality, the philosopher ruler of the ideal city has to undergo rigorous and regulated study which extends until mid-life. Their curriculum of study involves the study of philosophy, the arts, as well as the gymnastics. In the early years of their study, poetry and fictional drama are deemed inappropriate because Plato thought that it could dull the person’s ability to discern and make to make wise judgment. He was also cautious that the undesirable behaviors may be emulated (Republic 395) and that the student may not be able to see its falsity. The study of the Guardians also involved the physical training. To be specific, it involves gymnastics and should train physically that is more suited for war. This physical training however must be balanced with music and poetry to avoid the negative tendencies of each training that is, being too physical may make the Guardian brute or too much music and poetry may make the Guardian too soft. Upon the assumption of the role to become The Guardian, the ruler must also have to live an ascetic life and far from the life of a privilege person so that the ruler will not get spoiled which will weaken him. For Plato’s perspective, living a life of comfort will weaken a ruler because it will prejudice him to perpetuate the life that he is beginning to like. To guard against this character weakness, it is mandated that a Guardian or ruler must live a simple life. This also serves as a safeguard from those who wanted to become a Guardian that it is a position of service to its fellow that there are no material incentives in becoming a Guardian. Thus, a Guardian has no possession also and is not even paid despite the tremendous political power that he wields. Whatever that he has should be donated by society at large and he is not paid for governing. The rationale for this stringent life was that for the Guardian to focus solely on governance. That is, if he will dispense a law or administers justice or that of the state, that he may ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Perfect City in Plato'S View, With the Philosophers and Guardians and Research Paper.
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