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Homosexuality. Theory of Ethical Egoism and Theory of Cultural Relativism - Essay Example


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Homosexuality. Theory of Ethical Egoism and Theory of Cultural Relativism

This is a form of consequentialism. As the term suggests, the reaction of a moral agent is the result of the consequences around him. To fight a particular situation requires high level decision making. The theory of ethical egoism relates honesty with relationships. The reaction of the ethical egoists may be in their individual self-interest but there is no harmful effect of this reaction on the opponents (Louis P. Pojman, 2008). Theory of Cultural Relativism Defining the theory in a to-the-point way identifies that cultural relativism means to understand different cultures in complete detail and depth. Any culture that appears intriguing to someone should be thoroughly read and comprehended before creating a final image of the culture in one’s mind. The religious norms and perceptions differ in every culture. The ideology of the nations is greatly responsible for shaping its culture. Therefore, understanding the cultures with a cold and an unbiased view is the actual way of grading the cultural aspects of a nation (Gary P. Ferraro, 2009 ). According to the sociologist William Graham Sumner “Different cultures have diverse moral codes, and the right way is the way which their ancestors used.” Cultural Relativism, has challenges our beliefs in the objectivity and universality of moral truth (Rachels?Rachels, 2010). Homosexuality Homosexuality is a romantic or sexual pull or actions among members of the same sex or gender. As a sexual course, homosexuality refers to "a long-term pattern

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The author states that from the Christian philosophical perspective, self interest aspect is viewed as self love or duty to self or saving one’s soul or other aspects but this does not necessarily mean that people should refuse to share with others. Sharing is one way of fulfilling self interest since it can help in saving other people.

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According to Nkeonye (1994), relative definition of cultural relativism dictates that it’s a philosophical doctrine which informs us that all proper moral standards are derived from culture; a definition echoed among publications associated with the subject. Whereas
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of nature to practice sex, affection, or romantic attractions" principally or completely to people of the same sex. The most recurrent terms for homosexual people are lesbian for women and gay for men, though gay is also used to refer usually to homosexual men and women. The quantity of people who classify as gay or lesbian, and the percentage of individuals who have same-sex sexual experiences are hard for researchers to approximate reliably for a range of reasons (F. Earle Fox, 2002 ). We might have never seen it coming so strongly, the gay marriages. Most of you have your own reasons to go against the existence of gay marriages. We do not hesitate to repeatedly pass statements about the evil effects of marriages happening between individuals of same sex. I feel bad about the fact that majority of our arguments bud through religious concepts, means that we have less reasoning in our entire claim. There are a various reasons why the gay marriages should be permitted. We cannot shut our eyes on the reality that homosexuality is an established modern lifestyle with most proof strongly sustaining biological causation. “For too long homosexuality has been believed a form of unusual sexual behavior" Evaluation of Homosexuality by Above Two Theories The theorists of both the theories probably had a common idea of staying unbiased and honest. Critically I would deny the approach. The theorist may have been very keen in his observation but as a normal social animal, I feel that the “you” attitude is the key to success. Acting in one’s own self-interest shows little or no commitment to the social relations of the human beings. In order to make others feel that they are cared for, we have to be very considerate towards them. Similarly, the theory of cultural relativism stands in its own glory of accepting one’s cultural norms just as the way they are. No one should ever try to make the image of a culture as the way he sees it. Rather there should be a critical evaluation of the cultural values under consideration and then an image about that culture should be formed. Therefore, cultural relativism can be graded as one of the theories that pose to have an optimistic vision towards society. For instance it has been taught to us that Homosexuality is immoral


The theory of ethical egoism implicates that the moral agents always tend to act in their own self-interests. This reaction is quite voluntary and well thought of when it comes to facing a situation that needs to make prompt decisions…
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Homosexuality. Theory of Ethical Egoism and Theory of Cultural Relativism
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