Inside the Teenager brain - Movie Review Example

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The main theme of the movie is to explore the neuro-chemical elements of the typical teenage brain to give a scientific portrait of the biological and physiological changes that determine teen behavior, mood patterns, emotions, thoughts, and desires…
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Inside the Teenager brain
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"Inside the Teenager brain"

The main theme of the movie is to explore the neuro-chemical elements of the typical teenage brain to give a scientific portrait of the biological and physiological changes that determine teen behavior, mood patterns, emotions, thoughts, and desires.The neuro-chemical and hormonal issues that are a part of puberty can be the source of the behavioral problems and family issues that many teens experience as a normal part of social maturation. From also the psychological understanding of the teenager brain, commercial activity such as spending patterns or choice of attractions for behavior can be more generally understood by society. Mental health and family counseling needs are part of a wider educational psychology that serves the needs of students in a social environment. Yet, behavior patterns extend to the family, social, retail, and commercial employment activities. And these can be interpreted from both qualitative and quantitative methods, as illustrated by the different schools of psychological method. 4. Rate these movie making elements by number: 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent) - explain your score for each based on social scientific research - sound logic - factual - 5 choice of characters in the movie - 3 information you did not already know - 4 5. Explain what was good/informative about the movie and what could have been done better. The scientific explanation in this documentary was excellent, but the examples of behavior presented were not interesting or really reflective of my personal experience. Read More
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