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Features Of The Ancient African Art - Research Paper Example

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The dressing mode represents the Kuba's community values, cultural norms, and belief systems. The article "Features Of The Ancient African Art" talks about the meaning and the design of the costume. It also gives insight on the issues of gender associated with the costume…
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Features Of The Ancient African Art
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Extract of sample "Features Of The Ancient African Art"

Download file to see previous pages The book talks about the cultural belief behind the costume. The locals or indigenous members of the Kuba community believe that in order for life to be balanced you have to connect with the ancestors, therefore; the costume assists them in the connection.
The book emphases that like in many African cultures death is a natural event and is characterized as a rite of passage, therefore, these costumes are designed for such events and rites of passage in the society.
The Bwoom is a very iconic and symbolic artifact from the Kuba community. It represents a sign of royalty from the society. The mask assists the masquerade element to act out in its design and appearance. This aspect gives us an overview of the origin of the Kuba Kingdom, therefore; it will act as an archive for the history of this unique community in this globe1. This particular mask is named Bwoom because it is like a cornerstone of the community. This is a special mask in the community and it is different from any other mask ever used in the community. It is the only mask not used in funerals or any other sorrowful event in the community. During joyful occasions such as harvests and weddings, the males would be the mask on the forehead and see-through, the holes under the nose of the mask while dancing the. When people whore the mask in any occasion they would cover all parts of their bodies to give a real representation of the spirit. The picture below shows a Bwoom Helmet.
The mask the will act as an exhibit dedicated to the tourist and researchers who are interested in the African culture. Including the artwork in the museum is also reflective of the shift of the ethnologists in western culture to view African cultures as diverse and complementary to other cultures. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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