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This research is being carried out to discuss the painting of Lisa Gherardini famous as Mona Lisa, who happened to be Francesco Del Giocondo’s spouse. The painting was done in Italy then transferred to France then back to Italy by Leonardo…
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Mona Lisa and The Vitruvius man
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 Mona Lisa and the
Q 1.
Mona Lisa was 1503-1506 painting of Lisa Gherardini, who happened to be Francesco Del Giocondo’s spouse. The painting was done in Italy then transferred to France then back to Italy by Leonardo but through his student, Leonardo. The painting is now considered a property of pilgrimage, and it is currently hung in Louvre, Paris. The Vitruvius man on the other hand is a creative drawing of a male figure inside some circles and square by Leanardo da Vinci. The painter is believed to be a celestial, as the painting tends to reveal the relationship between man and the universe. The painting is unique or original in its special way, as it poses the outer beauty and symbolizes certain facts that existed in such an era.
Q 2 a
Mona Lisa falls under half length painting since a standard man can stretch his or her hands without reaching the portrait borders (Lester 23). The portrait is one of its kinds as it has good spacing between the main image and its borders. The painting or portrait has the image of a woman dubbed Mona Lisa sitting on a chair with her left hand carefully placed on the same chair. The portrait has a landscape effect from the wall behind the chair.
Q 2 b
Mona Lisa is an original piece due its size, the shadow and landscape effects. The application of different tones of colors on various components of the painting makes it pleasant to study and analyze. Dark colors on the edges create the effect of continuity and all these makes the portrait one of its kind.
Q 3 a
The Vitruvius Man is a painting of a naked man with the legs as well as arms stretching beyond a circle which happen to be inscribed in a circle. The painter is believed to be communicating some basic facts of the relationship between nature and creation.
Q 3 b
Personally, I would say the painting is original but lacks some morals, as there is a lot of questions behind the nude man in the circle.
Q 4
Mona Lisa has more than one basic point of interest as the viewers eyes’ roam between form the main picture to the rocks and water body. The same applies to the Vitruvius man whose arms stretch from the circle inscribed in a square. However, the moods in the two paintings differ as Mona Lisa is composed of a happy woman while the Vitruvian man is more of a secret cult.

Work cited
Lester, Toby. Da Vinci's Ghost: Genius, Obsession, and How Leonardo Created the World in His Own Image. Free Press, 2012. 250. Print. Read More
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