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The author of the essay "Theater or Describing the Play" states that The play Rabbit hole is based on the theme of change where nothing in the contemporary time is exempted from change. The play shows the notion that protecting ourselves is not hiding and retreating…
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Theater or Describing the Play
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Character analysis/background:
Izzy has been portrayed in the play as a moody person as evidenced in Act 1 Scene 1 where she is telling Becca how she punched another woman in a bar (Rabbit hole,p.10). Izzy is also portrayed as a very irresponsible person where she bends the rules and gets pregnant from her relationship with a musician named Auggie. A family is a middle-class unit and worse of all; Izzy is no longer working at her usual place. Becca has a steady relationship with her man Howie but she is affected by grief ever since their son Danny died. Howie has a rigid time controlling and understanding her spouse and this brings lots of tension in the family. Izzy is also in a relationship with Auggie the musician, though not from a wedding setting, and this intensifies tensions in the family unit. I like the fact that Howie is a loving and caring person, but I dislike Becca’s attitude towards him. I also like that Izzy is in search of happiness from her musician boyfriend but I dislike the fact that she got pregnant too fast without getting to know her boyfriend and his previous relationships better.
Izzy’s overall goal in the play is to show that she is an agent of change in the family setup where people like Becca should not live a life of regrets and grief. Izzy’s objective in Act 1 Scene 1 is to show herself a strong woman who can not be intimidated anyhow by anyone she cants recognize. She also portrays herself as a woman who will bend the existing notions and perceptions that seem to hinder her path to happiness as evidenced by her relationship to Auggey, the musician.
Costumes and Props:
Izzy would wear trendy clubbing attire in the set to portray her fun-loving nature as evidenced in her act coming from the bar where she picked a fight. She is a woman who has never grown up despite her twenty-something years of existence in which she has not established herself. Read More
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Theater or Describing the Play Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 495 Words - 3.
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