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The Art Controversy of Mapplethorpe and Serrano - Essay Example

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The concept of art for art’s sake has been the cause of much debate and dispute among intellectuals down the ages. There have always been issues on the limit of artistic freedom. And opposing it are views questioning the moral policing of society, claiming the artist’s freedom of expression and choice of content. …
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The Art Controversy of Mapplethorpe and Serrano
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Extract of sample "The Art Controversy of Mapplethorpe and Serrano"

Download file to see previous pages Mapplethorpe’s art is a rare combination of classic style and revolutionary theme. He deals with his carefully chosen theme of eroticism so as to aggravate the shock value. He exploits the different nuances of sexuality from the homoerotic to the phallic. His preferences with homoeroticism come naturally from his homosexual orientation. And to some extent it would not be wrong to say that his work of art portrays his own reflections and conceptualization of the erotic from a homosexual point of view. But to restrain his content to sexuality would be grossly unfair because in his later years Mapplethorpe had an ideological shift and he concentrated more on abstract spiritual themes rather than material ones. The uniqueness of his art lay in the fact that Mapplethorpe was unapologetic in his treatment of themes. He went ahead to capture in his frame some starkly bold moments of eroticism and the incongruous that have irked many. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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