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The Behavioral Effects of Marijuana Due to the High Dependence: Treating Marijuana Users - Research Paper Example

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The study is concerned with behavioural changes and little research has been conducted on occupational effects. Research on marijuana use and effects has been providing an important information for readers but the full extent of the effects is not fully explored…
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The Behavioral Effects of Marijuana Due to the High Dependence: Treating Marijuana Users
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Extract of sample "The Behavioral Effects of Marijuana Due to the High Dependence: Treating Marijuana Users"

Download file to see previous pages Acute intoxication leads to impairment of brain activities related to goal-oriented activities. Marijuana users experience cognitive impairment that affects behaviour and common activities such as operating machines and motor vehicles (Diplock, Cohen and Plecas, 2009). This affects individuals working in industries whose duties are operating machines or driving motor vehicles. Consuming high potency marijuana leads to impairments that lead to accidents in industries and on roads. Studies involving older participations reported cognitive impairments in the period the ds of abstinence. This resulted in behavioural alterations such as anger, increased appetite, and social withdrawal. The researchers concluded that the interaction of over 800 chemicals in marijuana causes cognitive impairment and health disorders that cause behavioural changes and affect the working abilities of individuals. Prolonged marijuana use leads to social withdrawal, irresponsible behaviour, and social injustices such as crime and poverty. A similar study was conducted by Looby and Earleywine (2007) sampled over 2500 adult cannabis users who smoked on a daily basis. The research was a quantitative study where participants completed an internet survey consisting of a measure of marijuana use and associated problems. The participants were chosen randomly and the researchers focused on those who currently used marijuana daily. The study also revealed that participants with high dependence had little education and were younger. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Marijuana, popularly known as pot, weed or cannabis, Mary Jane, Indian hemp, pot, grass, herb, dope, and ganja ranks third in the most popularly recreational drug in America. It is ranked after alcohol and tobacco respectively. It is, however, the most used of the illegal drugs in America. Cannabis sativa, from whose dried leaves marijuana is made, grows naturally in many humid and tropical parts of the world. Interestingly, its use as a mind-altering drug has also been tied to the pre-historic societies in Africa and Euro-Asia by archeological evidence. In recent times, marijuana usage statistics has been seen to escalate (Mehling...
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