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Obesity in America - Research Paper Example

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The current paper highlights that obesity is a widespread condition in Western societies today and especially prevalent in the U.S.  An obese person is what most would recognize as significantly overweight. They have more body fat than is considered healthy for a person of their particular height. …
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Obesity in America
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Extract of sample "Obesity in America"

Download file to see previous pages The physical detriments of obesity are even more severe. The condition dramatically lowers life expectancy and is directly linked to the deaths of at least 300,000 in the U.S. every year. It also reduces the quality of life. The obese suffer a greater number of illnesses, problems in bones and joints and the back region and are more lethargic than those who are not. Approaching epidemic proportions, obesity is the root of many varied and dangerous health consequences, therefore, understanding the cause of this condition and knowing the most viable treatment options available are of utmost importance in the battle against this crippling condition.
Heredity significantly influences obesity. Those genetically disposed to being obese have greater difficulty in losing weight and maintaining a desired body mass. Overeating, eating fatty foods and inactivity in addition to metabolic and socioeconomic circumstances, diseases, endocrine ailments, and medications may also contribute significantly to obesity. Some people are simply born to be big. Studies have demonstrated that about half of overweight children have parents who were overweight. Heredity also influences where on the body a person carries their excess weight, whether on the belly or hips. A person’s metabolism refers to how efficiently the body burns up energy. Metabolic levels and hormonal balances differ widely among individuals and both factor significantly in controlling weight. “Recent studies show that levels of ghrelin, a peptide hormone known to regulate appetite, and other peptides in the stomach, play a role in triggering hunger and producing a feeling of fullness” (“Overview of Obesity”, 2007). Studies have also shown that a correlation exists between substandard economic circumstances and obesity rates, particularly in the case of women. Poor women have a six times higher likelihood of being obese than do women who are of middle or upper-class income environment.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Obesity in America Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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...e increasing in the coming years. The age expectancy has decreased to quite a level because of this very problem. Though the problem has increased to such levels that my effort alone would not finish the problem however if I put an extra effort I can aware the individuals of the threats that this problem poses. And thus it can have an affect on the whole problem. Step 1 Identifying the problem The problem of Obesity in America was not of much importance in the early ages, but as years have passed a gradual rise in the number of obese people has been seen. Obesity is viewed as a problem because it poses a threat to the lives of people. It can be termed as a carrier for diseases to happen in the body of individuals. It is known in...
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... or obese.” (Obesity in America) Two out of three adults, this is spreading at a very alarming pace and something concrete should be done about this. We put on weight when we consume more calories than we burn, eating anything and everything is fine as long as we are able to burn it but the problem starts when one begins to put on weight, the desire to flex muscles drastically reduce when one starts putting on weight, the person’s stamina takes a toll and he starts feeling lazy, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a plethora of problems which come with obesity; the biggest of them all is overspending. Obese people are prone to spending; they indulge in unwanted fantasies which are both expensive and unhealthy. For instance...
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... Childhood Obesity in America The number of children in the US society who are obese has been growing at an alarming rate.This increase has led to a concern in the public health care system as these children are predisposed to the danger of being overweight in their adulthood if their lifestyle is maintained. Having more overweight adults in future as a result of childhood obesity may increase the chances of having heart related complications in the US society as well as reducing the ages in which these complications are manifested. It is therefore necessary that the health risks are handled earlier by focusing on childhood obesity in order to have healthy adults in future. To encourage healthy lifestyles among the American children...
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