Technique for a Full Golf Swing a 7-Iron - Assignment Example

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This paper "Technique for a Full Golf Swing a 7-Iron" focuses on the 7-iron golf club which is actually a middle iron that is used from between 140 yards to 170 yards. Its head is primarily flat with a striking phase angled at 300. One should stand tall with the feet together holding the club in front of the body. …
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Technique for a Full Golf Swing a 7-Iron
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Technique for a Full Golf Swing a 7-Iron
The 7-iron golf club is actually a middle iron that is used from between 140 yards to 170 yards. Its head is primarily flat with a striking phase angled at 300.
One should stand tall with the feet together holding the club in front of the body
Bend about 30 degrees forward from your hips for better posture. Allow the arms to hang down in front of the body with hands hanging below the mouth.
Pick a target on the range using the 7-iron. Establish a target and draw a line from the target with the body being parallel to the target line.
The club phases perpendicular to the line of flight
Sit the head in its natural position. One should be able to fit at least two or three fingers between their head and the club.
When using a 7 iron, the ball should be laid a little more to your left foot instead of being perfectly centered. This implies that the ball needs not to be further forward that your armpit and not further back than your sternum.
The feet should be shoulder-width apart. If you are female, take a distance that is hip-width apart.
Have a slight knee bend and feel the weight properly distributed towards the feet. This assists in balancing and transferring the weight during the swing. With your knees bent, attempt and turn your left shoulder towards the right toe.
Tilt your spine to some extent away from your target.
Stand parallel to the target line of the ball and then swing the club shaft around the body making use of a sideways swing action. To commence the swing, the head should be behind the ball, hips open, forward the arm, with the leg and shaft stacked over the golf ball.
Squeeze the club as tight as you can, relax and then give it a waggle. This is regarded as a good release of tension. Keep moving with the waggle of the club.
To ensure the correct path of the backswing of 7-iron, stand with knees slightly flexed and feet together and get a good ball fight which ensures that the club is on the plane. If you have an incorrect start to the backswing, this makes it hard to consistently square up the clubface at impact.
The swing should start the swing with a little more weight on your front foot. Halt the swing when your hands are actually level with the outside of your right thigh. During the swing, an incorrect shoulder turn leads to an inconsistent contact with the ball. As a result, one should ensure that they have the correct shoulder turn.
When hitting the golf ball straight, the golfer needs to align his body parallel to the target line of the ball. Adopt a neutral grip with the back of the left hand that is parallel to the clubface. Move your body and arms in such a way that you can trace a straight plane line with the right index finger and clubshaft during the backswing, as well as the downswing with the hands below the waist level. Read More
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