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The reporter states that critical thinking is considered to be one of the basic tenets of the scientific method because it is through this process of logical thinking that pattern of events can be determined or estimated to happen after defining what causes or influences things to happen (Moriarty 2)…
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Critical Thinking as the Basic Tenets of the Scientific Method
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Critical Thinking
Critical thinking is considered to be one of the basic tenets of the scientific method, because it is through this process of logical thinking that pattern of events can be determined or estimated to happen after defining what causes or influences things to happen (Moriarty 2). This kind of thinking is used when trying to find plausible explanations for phenomena, testing the validity of some claims, analyzing situations carefully, and coming up with connections between certain events and causes in order to help in identifying and establishing facts, as well as asserting the reliability of such claims through sequential and stepwise methods (5). What strengthens the connection between the reliability and validity of claims is when the observations in phenomenon are properly and logically explained via thorough interpretation of the results using ideas which were previously proven to be true in the past by repeatable methods and results (Tittle 235). A short process of critical thinking is mentioned in the following list:
Identify or establish an issue in the observed phenomenon
Familiarization with existing knowledge in connection with phenomenon
Development of a hypothesis, which is expected to change after re-familiarizing with information gathered to support or disprove it
Testing and validating or disproving the hypothesis by repeating second and third bulleted item as needed, until results become predictable
Formulation of a conclusion based on interpretation of collected evidences
It is noticeable that in this stepwise manner, observation comes first before interpretation, and this is important because this helps in the development of logically establishing the validity, reliability, and strong value of the results (236).
Learning how to think critically is a challenging way of setting up the validity of certain events or phenomenon, especially during the times when the Earth happens to move and shake, or when the atmosphere seems to become ominous or poses a danger to its inhabitants. For example, it is through repeated observations of natural events such as tornadoes or thunderstorms that people can be advised on what to do when these strike places (Wicander & Monroe 11). If not for critical thinking, people would constantly panic or run around, endangering themselves in the process. Also, because certain events have strong tendencies to be the same wherever they occur, such as volcanic eruptions or earthquakes, much more sensitive ways of observing such phenomena can be developed, which in turn not only increases reliability of observed information but also helps in better understanding the reasons why and how such natural geologic phenomena affects and shapes the planet.
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