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The New Jim Crow - Assignment Example

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The author of this assignment under the title "The New Jim Crow" analyses the publication of Michelle Alexander concerning the high increase in inmates in the United States. Apart from this, the author raises the question of repeating the progress of racism. 
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The New Jim Crow
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Extract of sample "The New Jim Crow"

 The litigator has also discussed the issues that people belonging to various races in the country have been going through and the suppression that they face in society. African American men, as well as other people belonging to different ‘colors’, have been facing a number of consequences barring them from gaining equal representation in the country which has been posing as a problem especially to those that have been boxed as prisoners.
The author writes, “The clock has been turned back on racial progress in America, though scarcely anyone seems to notice. All eyes are fixed on people like Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey who have defied the odds and achieved great power, wealth and fame.” Insight has been provided into the Jim Crow laws which in the past had replaced slavery and thus an explanation of how the same is required in order to deal with minority groups of people belonging to different castes so as to not relegate them to a racial status. The main aim of this piece of writing is to renovate the idea of human rights and equality in the minds of people in order to provide justice to criminals as well as make transparent data and information before wrongfully incarcerating them. Read More
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The New Jim Crow Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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The New Jim Crow

Any statement that doesn’t concide with what it implies is hypocrisy even if it is in the form of a law. A law not implemented sincerely and judiciously is self negating. Spare the rod and spoil the child is not valid today as the contrary is more likely to spoil the child. This is in fact what is happening in our society today. Our laws target to prevent the crime and through a vicious circle of incarceration end up in promoting it simply because of the real focus being upon segregation of those whom we don’t want to be in the mainsream of our society. How incarceration can be counter effective and promote discrimination is the point to ponder upon. This was the point that flashed across the mind of Michelle Alexander, an associ...
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The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander

....” (Alexander, 171) The New Jim Crow compares the current mass incarcerations to the original Jim Crow legal system. Either of the two systems the prejudice and discrimination against the African Americans and points out the issues of unwanted workers being put behind jail. The author argues that even though the new American president is black, and more and more black people are passing out from elite colleges and universities, all this is a myth. African-Americans are in no way better off than their ancestors were. About a fourth of the community live under the poverty line, which is the same as that reported in 1968. The unemployment...
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The New Jim Crow- Michelle Alexander

... were given no respect and not considered a functional part of the society. “The clock has been turned back on racial progress in America, though scarcely anyone seems to notice. All eyes are fixed on people like Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey who have defied the odds and achieved great power, wealth and fame” (The New Jim Crow pg 35) The author states that long time after the collapse of ancient slavery system, we are now going back to a state where racial discrimination is emerging again and the main reason behind all this is the social and judicial inequalities the minorities have been facing in the country. The American criminal justice system which was supposed to be of no color discrimination has now somewhat evolved...
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The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander

... to races in United States. The author of the most read book The New Jim Crow explains that the incarceration is itself a negative event in the history of America to which majority of the Americans also poses criticism (Alexander, 2013). The mass incarceration led into a major racial discrimination problem in United States. The mass imprisonment of a great deal of African Americans after the civil rights movement has proven that the policies of United States in terms of justice system remained weaker. Mass incarceration remains an issue in the present times as well. The ratio of mass incarceration seems to increase in the present times (Alexander, 2013). Talking about the impact that mass incarceration on the society as a general...
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About the book The New Jim Crow

... of the English of the Teacher 10 May The New Jim Crow It is a well known fact that American prisons of late have evinced a marked increase in their populations (Anderson 209). Since the onset of the war against drugs, the law and enforcement system as designed and applicable in the US has been more poised to target the minority community people (Anderson 240). Thereby the assertion made by the author and researcher Michelle Alexander that the mainstream politics and law enforcement agencies have connived with each other to give way to a novel system of racial control seems apt. The irony is that this new approach to racial control has turned out to be almost as scandalous as the Jim Crow laws of the yore. This new approach towards racial...
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Synthesis and critique of Michelle Alexandar's book The New Jim Crow

... restaurants and restrooms that were being used by the white Americans. This is basically because they were viewed as inferior to the white American population. The author of the book “The New Jim Crow” is comparing the Jim Crow laws that were used to discriminate against the African Americans between the years 1976 to 1965 to the current mass incarceration that has led to several African Americans ending up in prisons, paroles or probation. The writer of this book additionally states that the origin of the mass incarceration that is currently being experienced in the United States of American are the policies that have been laid down to discriminate against the African Americans. These policies are designed to make the white Americans...
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The New Jim Crow mark an African American a felon at the slightest hint of aggression, and then treat him or her with the same brutality that the racist society offered to blacks. The New Jim Crow is a befitting title to a book that has immense historic implications since it discusses a topic that not many would want to bring up in the era of Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey. With every chapter Michelle has developed a deep understanding of the concept of racism as it came to exist, life of slavery before that, and the life of hidden prejudice after that. From start to finish, the book grips you with a revolting idea, one that declares that how much proud one might feel of an American society that...
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Rhetoricalanalysis of the new jim crow

... the system. It ultimately makes it difficult for people with color to become part of mainstream society and forces them to live like a second class citizen in their own country. The article becomes hugely pertinent because it underpins the issues that permanently stereotyped people of color into criminals that socially and legally discourages them to live with dignity. The text is also important because despite constitutional rights, the people of color are still vulnerable to the Jim Crow rules that deny them legitimate rights of a citizen. Stereotyping colored people has resulted in mass incarceration that helps to impose social control on them. The author has therefore, used rhetorical tools like ethos, pathos and logos to not only...
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Mass Incarceration, the New Jim Crow Law

... of the Mass Incarceration, the New Jim Crow Law Alexander, M. The new Jim Crow: Mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness. New York: The New Press. 2010. Print. Alexander elaborates how in the wake of an era where racial segregations seems to have been overcome mass incarceration has become the new face of racial discrimination. The criminal justice system rather than being a tool for the prevention and control of crime could be perceived to be propagating and supporting racial discrimination. It is alleged the majority of those subject to discrimination are the racial minorities i.e. colored folks. The discourse centers on mass incarceration as a present day racial segregation indicators. As an instructor in Law, the views...
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Mass Incarceration: The New Jim Crow

... consults many sources and statistics to argue for the discriminated position of the African American in the New Jim Crow society that is color blinded to notice. Lee, Michelle. Recidivism: Employment Opportunities after Incarceration. The Pennsylvania State University, 2010. Web. 6 Dec. 2014. The article states that the probability of finding a job depends on the religion and race of the ex-convict. The author asserts that there is a high prevalence of racism in the criminal justice system. The study found out that a white ex-felon has the same chance as a qualified African American in gaining a job. Moreover, the New Jim Crow social control encourages verdicts that expose inmates to longer jail terms to render blacks unfit to access...
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New Labour In The United Kingdom

We can acknowledge the re-emergence of New Labour as a party of liberal policies, which is characterized as a belief in legal rights and duties towards a citizen, however, the party’s popularity has affected badly since 2001 for the criticism the new name with an unprecedented comment of ‘spin doctoring’ and ‘New Labour, New Danger’ has brought to it. (Wikipedia, Labour Party UK)
When we focus on the public sector response given to the New Labour’s political vision, it can be seen that New Labour’s public philosophy is a development of the socialist tradition in response to specific dilemmas conceived largely in terms associated with the New Right. This factor should also be considere...
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The Retail Clothing Store New York and Company

I based this decision upon the knowledge that New York and Company usually holds sales of their own in conjunction with sales held at larger retailers. Although the store stayed pretty busy, I was able to get in a conversation with one of the store’s employees, the store manager and a frequent customer at the store.
With the volume of customers that come through their door, the store is structured as a formal organization in many ways. The salespeople within the store had to work together in a planned group in order to accommodate the customers that were coming in. Trying to assign one salesperson to each customer as some stores do would never have satisfied the need. These various salespeople had a relatively fixed str...
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To What Extent Does the Concept of Emotional Intelligence Point Towards a New Means of Controlling Workers

Weber believed that ‘the specialized experts organized into smoothly functioning units by the bureaucratic managers would provide these elite managers with a decision-making ability foreign to the parliaments and the courts’ (Glassman et al., 1984, 5). However, in order for the role of managers within bureaucratic environments to be understood, it is necessary to proceed to a thorough examination to the structure and the characteristics of such an environment under normal social and political conditions.

Moreover, the acceptance of Weber’s views on bureaucracy has led to the assumption that bureaucracy (Fry, 1989, 41) ‘is not necessarily rational, it may not be efficient, that other forms of orga...
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The Induction and Socialization of New Employees

Also, a sense of empathy seems to exist in the best organizations around the world since they think both from the organizational perspective as well as from the side of the employees who are going to give in their best and thus benefit the organization in the long run, not to forget do themselves a favor in terms of their future growth and exposure levels. However, all this is easier said than done since the problems do arise from time to time and it is significant that both the organization and the employee understand that they have to co-exist for the betterment of each other. No one of these two entities could exist in a vacuum and thus it is of paramount importance to understand the very same. The end results would be in terms...
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The impact of Plant Disease on New Zealand

Transmission of PMTV occurs through inoculation of sap in 26 species belonging to Solanaceae or Chenopodiaceae and to Tetragonia expansa and also through grafting (A. Reavy., W. Kashiwazaki., & Barker,1995 ). In some cases, PMTV is known to be transmitted by mechanical inoculation also.

Since PMTV is vectored only through S.subterranea the infection of plants with PMTV depends on the life cycle of S.subterranea which takes about 10-14 days. The life cycle of S.subterranean takes place in 2 phases: Phase I) This is the primary stage of the life cycle initiated with the germination of resting spores known as sporangiosori or cystosori persisting in the soil as spore balls with thick cell walls into zoosporangia. These...
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The Launch of Kones New Product

Political: 90% of Kone’s sales come from international markets. This makes it very vulnerable to political stability in its global markets for example Italy is one of the markets of Kone and elevator regulations are governed in Italy by parliament. Thus, to bring MonoSpace i.e. an elevator without a machine room in compliance with standards, it would require an act by the parliament.
Economical: The performance of the elevator industry is directly proportional to the performance of the construction industry. The construction industry has a maximum potential in developing countries rather than in developed countries. The reason for this is that the developed countries have maximized their growth potential whereas the dev...
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Info-Point: Marketing of New Touch Screen Information Technology

The development of the new Info-Point technology, a stand-alone information module designed to offer the public information on tourism, local shopping, weather, and transportation, has created the opportunity to successfully market these information technologies to different UK cities. The entire marketing concept is to establish self-service information centers that offer a wide variety of regional information, utilizing an easy-to-use touch screen methodology to cater to a broad mass market of consumers. 

Touch screen interface systems are becoming more and more common in the UK and abroad. During a pilot experiment using touch screen information technology, the automotive manufacturer Lexus piloted an informatio...
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Christian Dior: The Man Who Made The World Look New

However, Christian was interested only in the arts and mostly in fashion (YourNewFragrance, 2004). Even as a child he was interested in the life of the artisan community (Hirst, n.d.). Unknown to his parents, he would visit galleries and bars that were frequented by painters and writers such as Picasso and Cocteau. His parents did not allow him to pursue studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and he was forced to enroll at the Faculty of Political Science. He, nevertheless, secretly continued to visit the galleries. After four years at the Faculty of Political Science, it became clear that he would never obtain a degree from there and his mother too lost hopes of seeing him as a diplomat. In the meantime, Dior developed a wide circle...
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