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Poverty in Africa - Personal Statement Example

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This paper is about poverty. Poverty is no less than an epidemic that sweeps the world with seemingly no end in sight. It is within the disparity that we see between people, especially between developed and developing country…
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Poverty in Africa
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Extract of sample "Poverty in Africa"

Poverty is no less than an epidemic that sweeps the world with seemingly no end in sight. It is within the disparity that we see between people, especially between developed and developing country, that one must realize that there must be a compulsion to be able to address the issue of poverty especially in the direst continent of Africa. There must be a concerted effort that necessitates the participation of not only every nation but also every individual to be able to achieve the goal. Poverty is the biggest problem in many parts of the world that manifests a great number of dilemmas that completes the circle and provides an explanation on the state of the living conditions of the people. It is the root of cause of problems such health problems, economic distress, unemployment and more importantly hunger.
In his study “Can the West Save Africa,” William Easterly recognizes that there is a dual opinion on the ‘save Africa’ movement where one identifies that social change is very much possible and that it is upon political leaders and experts from wealthier countries to ignite the movement and achieve development, while another views that while change is possible it can only be gradual at most and that self-organization, creative ideas and measured political reforms are the answer but all of these are constricted by the norms and traditions of any given place. Easterly calls the first kind as the transformational approach while the latter is the marginal approach (2008, p.4).
The awareness over the need to be able to aid out in the efforts to end poverty can be seen in many forms. There are organizations with the primary objective of focusing on poverty. There have concerts, fundraisings, special editions of magazines, music albums and other alternative means to be able to contribute financially in the fight against poverty. But the most important in all of these efforts is the steps that must be taken by states that are in the capacity to make real change. They are the ones in a better position to devise programs that will initiate substantial reform. These countries are also equipped with the financial capability, and this, coupled with the true desire to actually conquer what debilitates millions of people is certain to make progress. This is showing promise in worldwide forums and prominent summits such as G-8 and the World Economic Forum are pushing hard to pursue the agenda by allocating extensive financial aid and efforts.
The importance of being able to work together as one with only one goal of being able to level the status of each individual or at least to improve the quality of life of so many people in need is the true problem of the world. Each person can be a proponent of change and this can be done in a number of ways that is not limited to earthshattering acts. It is in the sincerity of each act and the earnest belief that it is possible to be able to end poverty that counts. The call for change may be as cliché as it could be but it is one that must be resonated time and again in the hopes that its repetition will soon be a step closer toward attaining a world without poverty.
Easterly, W. (2008). Can the west save Africa? (Masters thesis). September. Retrieved November 22, 2011 Read More
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