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The paper "Mr Makoloyi’s Personal Profile and View" describes that Mr Makoloyi observed that heightened tensions at the BA is caused by the manner in which the management relates with the employees and the stringent rules it has put forth to curb employee misbehavior like excessive drinking…
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Mr Makoloyis Personal Profile and View
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Mr. Makoloyi’s Personal profile and view
Special interest: training, human resource management.
Mr. Makoloyi is the director of training, human resource department at the British Airways, a position he has held for the last seven years. Before he assumed the position, he was the junior assistant director of recruitment, human resource for three years. He worked for British Broadcasting Corporation as a recruitment officer for six years before joining the British Airways. Mr. Makoloyi lives in North London with his wife Mary, and two sons, Terry and John.
Personal view:
According to Mr. Makoloyi, a senior training officer in the department of human resource, the problem British Airways has with its workers over pension and salaries has caused a number of strikes over the years. Mr. Makoloyi says that the problems emanate from the fact that BA had persisted that the crew accept four-year pay pact. This was to see a freeze in actual pay up to 2014, something to which the crew has countered by giving the company a three-year pay cut pact. Although BA management has already rejected this. In addition, the company refused to commit to making longer the legitimacy of the industrial action ballot to let union stuff members to be balloted on any suggestion from BA. Consequently, as Modlock (2010) observed, it resulted to another strike, third to be precise, ballot in five months following the rejection of BA’s proposal by cabin crew. Moreover, BA’s unwillingness to address Unite’s concerns about the impact on existing crew given that the airline is pushing forward with its new fleet plans and especially on how the routes will be allocated among already functioning and the latest crew in the ages to come.
Mr. Makoloyi also observed that heightened tensions at the BA is caused by the manner in which the management relates with the employees and the stringent rules it has put forth to curb employee misbehavior like excessive drinking, and this has lowed the motivation of employees. Equally threatening an issue, relate to pensions. Mr. Makoloyi explains that the announcement by the company in 2003 that it would close its ultimate remuneration scheme to all recently employed workers due to a major shortfall in the pension’s fund led to BALPA, a trade union that stand for BA pilots, threaten industrial action if the final remuneration scheme was reduced to a less generous package. The threat was approximated to have cost the company roughly eighty million pounds while the union projected that the adjustment would make a number of their members to lose 36% of their final pension. BALPA has roughly 2500 members (Modlick 2010).
Mr. Makoloyi said that between 2005 and 2006, BA held more than 500 briefings with staff pertaining the same issue. All these negotiation with four unions yielded little given that each of these unions had their own unique issue of concern. It was close to two years that finally, a joint union’s forum known as BA Forum was formed and in February, this year BA management presented its proposal to BA Forum representing 35000 stuff members.
Mr. Makoloyi believes that an amicable solution will be found when the management and the BA Forum sober up and discuss the issues in contention with each side giving up a considerable amount of demand. He insists that a solution must be found sooner rather than later for the health of British Airways.
Modlock, S., 2010. Money Observer: Are British Airways' problems terminal? {Online} (Updated 25 may 2010) Available at:{Accessed 28 October 2011}. Read More
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