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Categories of Legitimate Reservation - Term Paper Example

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This paper "Categories of Legitimate Reservation" focuses on the specialized knowledge that forms the basic requirement for the person to work efficiently, either individually on in groups. Decision-making and logical thinking are the other factors that are quite important in any business setting. …
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Categories of Legitimate Reservation
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Extract of sample "Categories of Legitimate Reservation"

Download file to see previous pages However, every scientific experiment needs validation. The Categories of Legitimate Reservation are those set of rules, which validate or invalidate the relationship and connection between facts, hypothesis and conclusions. Their roots particularly lie in Aristotle’s logical fallacies (Dettmer, 2007). Broadly speaking, the purpose of the categories of Legitimate Reservation includes testing the validity of the cause and effect trees (Dettmer, 2007). The paper shall attempt to describe the eight categories of Legitimate Reservation and the application of these categories. Lastly, it shall examine the relationship between these categories.
The first rule of testing the logic of any cause and effect tree includes clarity. For many people, miscommunication can result in less clarity. If the listener does not comprehend the speaker or understand the importance of the statement of the speaker, then there is no mutual agreement upon a certain factor (Dettmer, Year). This category demands more explanation of a certain fact so that the hypothesis can be validated easily. Clarity reservation, therefore, requires further explanation of a certain thing (Goldratt-TOC Ltd EU Home, n.d). For example, if the statement is, ‘It is hot in this room’. The statement is unclear because there is no ‘cause’ of the ‘effect’ of the level of temperature in the room. Therefore, the sentence requires clarity. The cause would perhaps include ‘It is hot in this room because the air conditioner is not working’. This is a complete statement.
The existence of the entity forms the second CLR. If a certain statement is not fully complete or structurally sound or at the face value does not seem valid to the listener, then the entire logic is wrong. Therefore, for an entity to exist, it has to be complete and grammatically sound. The term “economic growth” cannot exist on its own.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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