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I went to the park for my research paper regarding growth and development. I chose an American child, female, and only four years old. The child was not aware that I was observing her but for ethical reasons, I asked the parent’s consent since informing them will not affect the behavior of the child…
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Observing human development
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Observing Human Development I went to the park for my research paper regarding growth and development. I chose an American child, female, and only four years old. The child was not aware that I was observing her but for ethical reasons, I asked the parent’s consent since informing them will not affect the behavior of the child. I observed the child for thirty minutes. I think the child stands forty inches and weighs approximately thirty-six pounds. The child wears a pink dress and has fair complexion. She was playing with her father and with four children in the park.
A four-year old child belongs to the preschool stage (3-6 years old). The child’s legs are long and slender. She was running all around, kicking and throwing ball to her playmates. Frequently, the child keeps on writing her name on the ground with a stick.
Under Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development, the child is in Preoperational Stage. The child is increasingly verbal but has some limitations in thought processes. Causality is often confused, so the child may feel responsible for causing an illness (London, 893). In Erickson’s stages, the child is in Phallic Stage. Most of the times, the child likes to initiate play activities (London, 893).
With the understanding on different growth and development theories presented above, the child meets the requirements for each developmental stage. There are neither deficits nor giftedness with regards to the child’s physical and cognitive development. Yet, primary caregiver must be alert because I observed that this child appears more comfortable with a male adult playmate.
Based upon observation, the child manifests development consistent with her age. Height and weight are within normal limits. It is usual for a preschool girl to be attached to the parents of opposite sex but be alert for frequent interactions and attempt to accommodate the child’s need. Being very active, it indicates that the child’s cognitive development is progressive.
The theories of growth and development helped me a lot. At first, I was just observing the child. It amazed me that as I follow the child’s activity, I got to apply the theories of Piaget and Erickson. Their theories helped me understand preschoolers and I learned that the application varies on age. Other factors such as race, medical conditions and individuality must also be considered.
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London, Marcia L. Fundamentals of Maternal and Child Nursing Care (2nd Ed) Pearson Education Inc. 2007. Print Read More
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