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Remembering about Fort Lauderdale - Essay Example

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This essay describes remembering about Fort Lauderdale. The perfect conditions for an outing: my friends and I have decided to hit the road and go to Fort Lauderdale which is known as ‘the Venice of America’. This is the summers of 2004…
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Remembering about Fort Lauderdale
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Extract of sample "Remembering about Fort Lauderdale"

Download file to see previous pages Soon we are at the Fort Lauderdale airport. We check in at a hotel and because is the only noon our restless spirits cannot come to peace with the quietness of the surroundings with go out in the town and start shopping. I am not good at bargaining and the concept of savings has never touched me. I am single and have no responsibility, why save? I am shopping with my friend, buying expensive jewelries, shoes, clothes, souvenirs, for myself. After weariness of shopping we are having an amazing dinner at some Latino restaurant, listening to the music of live guitar player is giving me Goosebumps. It is like this that we spend the first night.My other friends are arriving today and we are picking them from the airport. On the way to the hotel they dare me to race a car in which a couple of boys are rashly driving. We are so thrill-seeking and adventurous. I am about to over take them when the truck coming from the opposite lane suddenly comes into the view and I am forced to swerve at the last moment. The swerve caused the car to drive over something on the road bursting the tire. Stopping on the side we called for assistance with the rental company sending us a new car. Recovering from the shock we all start laughing! Imagine how careless and irresponsible we are.On the third night we are at Miami, we are having the time of our lives here. We are celebrating Smeja's thirtieth birthday, in the famous Mango bar. We have spent more bucks at the shopping, and ultimately are running out of money by the end of the trip....
We are celebrating Sneja's thirtieth birthday, in the famous Mango bar. We have spent more bucks at the shopping, and ultimately are running out of money by the end of the trip. The beach parties are fabulous and the city on the whole is amazing.
I was on a summer break from my work and study at that time. I wanted to become a famous fashion designer like Donna Karen. I was very ambitious.
But today when I am thirty four, and I look myself in the mirror wearing a long skirt, with a belt and a soft elegant black shirt with a sports coat on holding my sixteen month old son ready to go in children's museum; I see a very different me from what I aspired to be back then. I run a household and a family, in my free time I am doing small crafts with knitting and sewing which I try to sale on a craft shows. Each one of my projects carries a message of blessing for the person who buys it. I am settled, more serious and more determined to do some good into this world by making small differences. My family and designs are my life now. I get spiritual satisfaction by doing it in this stage of my life, running after the worldly materialism is not everything. I am performing my duties as a mother to the best of my abilities, and looking after my home and husband as a wife should. I hope I am successful with the project at hand.

About Fort Lauderdale. City of Fort Lauderdale. Retrieved on 2007-10-28. Website: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Remembering about Fort Lauderdale Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Remembering about Fort Lauderdale Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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