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For law admission - Personal Statement Example

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Beginning with my earliest memories of my family and I sitting around our small dinner table within the mountainous confines of Nepal, I have always believed that each person deserves justice. Through years of struggle to survive both the climate and unjust socio-political realities of my homeland, I realised that education was fundamentally the only way I could ever contribute to improving the world around me…
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Personal Statement for law admission
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Download file to see previous pages Unfortunately, the government of Nepal is a highly repressive force and there were few opportunities for me to utilise the skills I learned in the academic realm. While working as a trekking guide in the Himalayans I met my future wife, the most wonderful and steady influence of my adult life. As she was an Australian citizen, I found the strength to leave the people and mountains that had structured my life for twenty-four years to enter into an uncertain future. Finding myself in a foreign land, with my language skills stretched and only a few hundred dollars in savings, we shared a small room in the outskirts of Perth and began the tremendously challenging yet rewarding task of building a life together.
Within three weeks, I earned a position as a food and beverage attendant at Burswood Casino and Resort, where I am still employed. Eventually our hard work resulted in financial stability, and I began to consider the future. Wishing to take advantage of the freedom of expression and action available to me as a legal resident of Australia, I decided to dedicate myself to the goal of entering the legal profession. With that in mind, I passed the Education Institution University Board exam and submitted the application in your hands.
Although I am
Although I am only twenty-eight years old, I have learned much through my varied life experiences. Born and raised in Nepal, I comprehend the fundamental challenges of life and how a government can disregard what many see as fundamental human rights. My undergraduate experience in social science and humanities trained me in logically accessing issues and solving problems effectively. Never one to limit myself to a classroom, I also led tourists from around the world on challenging treks through the mountains and glaciers of Nepal. When I found love, I embraced the situation and was able to establish myself in a new country.
Excited and committed to my life in Australia with my wife, I am still the son of Bal Bahadur and Laxmi Thapa and dedicated to individual justice and making a difference both here and in my homeland. For me, this opportunity transcends the simple considerations of financial renumeration on a growing field. In addition to the great benefits of further understanding varied aspects of the legal profession, eventually I want to enter the realm of investigating and protesting international human rights violations, especially in the highly conflicted regions of Rolpa and Rukum.
In order to accomplish the ultimate goal of my life I need a strong and challenging education in law. I believe your university, with its excellent professors, extensive library and esteemed reputation, would provide the best home for me. I long to make a difference and I want the opportunity to dedicate myself to bettering the life of others. Please give me the opportunity to demonstrate that my intellectual capacity, real world experience and personal courage will lead to success at your institution. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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