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Stolen Generation in Aboriginal Australia - Essay Example

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The essay "Stolen Generation in Aboriginal Australia" analyzes how children from mixed marriages are affect wheher their beliefs, mentality is changed and estimates inability to integrate white and Aboriginal cultures to side with one group or the other. …
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Stolen Generation in Aboriginal Australia
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Extract of sample "Stolen Generation in Aboriginal Australia"

Download file to see previous pages "Assimilation" refers to the attempts of white Australian government to intermesh Aboriginal and white culture, often with the purpose of eventually eradicating Aboriginal culture. Under the 1940's assimilation policy, many Aborigines were removed from their own territory and forced to settle n new areas. Indeed, many Aborigines intertwined with whites. Sally Morgan's autobiographical novel, My Place, serves as an example of this mixed generation.

"Dispossession" occurred when the White Australian government forced many Aborigines away from their original home. As a result, land which had originally been deemed sacred became the possession of white Australia. These occurrences of "dispossession" were particularly hard for Aborigines, who tied their beliefs and religion with particular geographic areas. This strong Aboriginal emphasis of land can be seen particularly in Aboriginal paintings and other forms of artwork.

"Personal racism" refers to the subconscious idea that exists among some white Australians that Aboriginal identity is less valuable than white identity. This racism occurs on a personal level because white Australians believed that the darkness of someone's skin reflect their Aboriginal identity.

"Invasion" occurred when English natives began to establish posts and reservations in Australia. In an Aboriginal perspective, the "invasion" of whites into Aboriginal culture resulted in the destruction of traditional Aboriginal society and the dispossession of most Aboriginal settlements.

"Land rights" refer to the battle Aborigines face in reclaiming their own land. Within the past century, Aboriginals have won various land claims which provided back certain territories. Beginning with the Aboriginal Land Act of 1976, Aborigines have begun to reclaim their native lands. This phrase also represents the clash in thought between Aborigines and white Australians over who owns certain areas. Although white Australians physically own certain native Aboriginal lands, Aborigines claim that their religious and cultural beliefs entitle them to possession of sacred Aboriginal territory.

Although the white Australian government attempted to mix Aboriginals with white society, "segregation" was still practiced in Australia and separated Aboriginal people from whites. On a basic level, Aboriginals were given certain areas to live apart from whites. "Segregation" was also practiced within society and many people who contained even one Aboriginal ancestor were segregated against as being less than people of entirely white heritage. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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