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The issue discussed on the media coverage regarding gay men and lesbians focuses on how the media serves as an effective communication tool that has changed the perception of many people on same sex relationship. In line with this, homosexuality being portrayed on television shows significantly affects the society's perception with regards to gay sexuality…
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New Gay Visibility on TV
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Further Off the Straight & Narrow: New Gay Visibility on TV The issue discussed on the media coverage regarding gay men and lesbians focuses on how the media serves as an effective communication tool that has changed the perception of many people on same sex relationship. In line with this, homosexuality being portrayed on television shows significantly affects the society's perception with regards to gay sexuality. As compared back in 1990s, television advertising on homosexuality has somehow triggered public acceptance of the gay, lesbian, and transsexual individuals.
Howard Buford mentioned that "the presence of the gay world in the films, television advertising, and images makes homosexuality real" (You Tube a). Since there are several television shows that had been focused on stereotyping the same sex relationship, public acceptance of homosexuality becomes a reality. Before 1990, the existence of debate regarding the moral and social issues of homosexuality was controversial topic. Since a lot of heterosexual relationships failed to work, same sex relationships started to become a normal behavior in the United States.
Among the well-known television shows that heavily promotes same sex relationship is the 'sex and the city' wherein Samantha who portrayed a character who is willing to experiment on sex including the idea of having sex with a female partner. On the other hand, the show 'Queer as Folks' has been focused on uncovering what it is like living in a gay (men) community whereas 'the L world' unfolds the lesbians.
Up to the present, the media is still being used to stereotype homosexual issues as something that is publicly accepted. In line with this, the Simpsons continuously promote homosexuality by coming up with 'the Simpsons gay song', 'Homer Simpson's gay dance', and Bart portraying as gay (You Tube b, c, d). The movie 'You Like Dangerous Guys'' also promoted gay relationship (You Tube e).
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New Gay Visibility on TV Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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