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Single Parent - Assignment Example

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Not all the individuals are part of a happy and a complete family. Some are a product of a broken family or a single-parent family. Today over 16 million children are living in a single-parent home. But this issue is not anymore new to every individual around the world…
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Single Parent
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Download file to see previous pages As yet there are no estimates of the numbers of deaths from CHD which are due to poor psychosocial well-being or of the numbers of deaths which could be avoided if psychosocial well-being was increased.
Although, some single parent are doing their best to support the needs of their family, they still encounter some potentials problems like, visitation and custody arrangements, effects upon the children of continued conflict between parents, decrease in the amount of time parents and children can spend together, effects of a divorce on children's performance in school and peer relations, and disruptions in extended family relationships. To cope with this problem, single parent should often talk to his children regarding on their feelings with each other. They should also learn how to communicate with each other, spend time together to go shopping, playing different kinds of sports, watching some interesting movies or simply going to church together. These ways will help develop a better single parent and children relationship.
Amy is a 38 yr. Old single parent who has three children aged 9, 7 and a newborn baby boy. She has a hard time taking care of her children especially her new baby due to being busy looking after the rest of the family. Her brother Rys is 30, who has a moderate learning disability, shows signs of distress due to his worries to his family. Her father Ronald, who is 76 yr. Old widower, had a fall and since then his mobility has seriously deteriorated. Due to the circumstances that Amy's family is facing, she is feeling tense and anxious about how is she going to cope with supporting her dad, while continuing to meet the needs for her children.
With Amy's situation, it's really hard to give everything to her family especially that she is the only one supporting them. She may experience depression and stress due to her responsibilities to her family. To cope with this, she should know the thing that a single parent must do in order to meet the needs of her family.
Amy is having a hard time coping up with her kids, her father and brother and on how to make both ends meet. Having these problems at hand just right after giving birth to a baby boy made her not only physically drained but also mentally disturbed. Due to this, she may suffer from Post Natal Depression.
According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, around 1 in every 10 women has PND after having a baby. If untreated, it can last for months, or sometimes longer.
There are number of symptoms suffers ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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EU stipulates General and Specific segments under which professions are listed with requisite qualification. Australians must consult the Directive in this connection.
The citizens of member states become citizens of the European Union by virtue of Article 17(1) of the EC Treaty. They start enjoying the rights under the treaty in conjunction with duties imposed on them. The rights are conferred by article 17 (2) of the treaty.

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... and remarrying are not favorable options for divorced persons with children and such persons should focus on raising the children. However, Mr. Deal observes that many single parents opt to remarry or start dating as soon as possible without considering the demerits of such actions. The author reckons that dating and remarrying gets complicated when parties have children. Conveniently, the book derives the steps that single parents and their partners should adopt in order to prepare themselves and their children on the eminent effects of dating or remarrying. Indeed, the author details the emotional challenges of dating with children. In this context, the author derives how single parents and divorced persons can determine...
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