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Contemporary Parenting in Europe - Essay Example

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Contemporary Parenting means dynamic parenting to suit our present sociological structures. Sociologists realise that contemporary parenting has changed its roles in the family, household and societ. Some of the problems are changes in mothering and fathering roles in the conventional heterosexual parenting
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Contemporary Parenting in Europe
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Download file to see previous pages empower them to help themselves (Bernardes, 1997).
Studies suggest that the nuclear family unit is essential for the good development of
children and thus society. The contempoarary trends in modern European society show
the increase in numbers of single parenting. Consequently, the areas of concern were
also studied. Bernardes has used his findings about the negative consequences of single
parenting to highlight that children from solo parenting families face problems in
school performance, behavior, psychological development and social interactions.
After the awareness of these problems, what steps can be taken to deal with them
The state can and does provide certain welfare assistance to aid families.
In contemporary parenting, fathers become more than breadwinners. This is the
generation of the "new man". His role is a proactive and involved one. He gets involved
to connect to his offspring. If this is the good from the modernization of fatherhood, why
then are there still problems for contemporary parents Gender relations have changed
and said to be modernized out of necessity. Working mothers, the pressure and stress of
modern urban living are some of the factors that have brought about this modernization.
Studies advocate the use of dynamic, interdependent family policies to help the children
as well as the parents (Kaufmann, 2002).
Children naturally crave attention and welcome this modernization of fatherhood. As
fathers are encouraged by this positive response, they cement bonds with their children.
Children benefit from the good father figure. On the flip side, they may suffer when the
father is less than a good role model (Bjornberg, 1992).
As for divorced and nonresident fathers, they are also...
Children naturally crave attention and welcome this modernization of fatherhood. As fathers are encouraged by this positive response, they cement bonds with their children.
Children benefit from the good father figure. On the flip side, they may suffer when the father is less than a good role model.
The media loves controvesy. With the recent highlight on same-sex relationships,many gays and lesbians are given opportunities to work in the high profile entertainment
industry. Children who are easily influenced will perceive same-sex relationships as being glamorous and might imitate their choice of role models. This relates to the same arguement that critics have referred to. These opponents say that studies show a tendency for children from same-sex families to copy their parents and orientate towards same-sex couplehood later in life.
Good contemporary parenting is about effective parenting. Statistics show that crime is rising among youths. Parents and family support can create a buffer that deters the easy downturn towards crime. A stitch in time saves nine. The family is the first to notice abnormal changes in the child and can act quickly to arrest this negative influence.
Contemporary parenting is very challenging. The evolution of civilisation makes society dynamic. There will always be new situations to deal with. Published research
can identify trends and assist people in making informed decisions to aid contempoaray parenting. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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