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Human Understanding - Essay Example

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It is innate among humans to be fascinated by the different things that they particularly see around them. It could not be denied then that through the years, this particular fascination within the different elements that could be seen in the human environment actually developed into the many discoveries and inventions that humans produced…
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Human Understanding
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Download file to see previous pages It is indeed undeniable that people recreate the things that are already existent within their own society. The fact that they have already been able to see what they could do regarding a certain type of field, they intend to even do better the net time that they deal with the same invention. Yes, humans never get tired of reinventing everything there is in the environment. Why is this so' Human intelligence has always been noted by philosophers as the primary factor that makes the human creation different from that of the other God-made creations. The humans' ability to innovate their own achievements to even better results for the present generation to see, has particularly noted them to be those who are capable of reinventing themselves to be able to evolve from generations to generations.
Hence, the ways by which humans understand the things around them clearly defines the capability of humans to efficiently use intelligence for their best benefits. This is primarily because of the fact that the human brain never ceases to improve its way of reasoning out especially when it is nourished in the right procedure. Along with this, considering critical thinking and its importance is also relative to the matter. Critical thinking is an important aspect to the logical feature of a person and the acquisition of knowledge. It mainly employs the usage of the human ability of logical analysis to develop an adequate and proper judgment regarding a specific scenario that a person is faced with. It is the analysis of the propositional arguments, which are presumed to be true and the evaluation of the information in forms such as evidences and subsequent facts. Thus, it is important to critically analyze and examine all the facts that are available to create a clear and concise judgment regarding a specific issue.
Performing a critical analysis is not usually easy for an individual because of the abundancy and ambiguosity of the facts pertinent to the scenarios that are to be analyzed. Some cases requires further scrutiny to uncover unknown details which are really important thus initial skepticism and open-mindedness are often required in developing good critical thinking.
Take for example a certain job regarding work relation in a specific office. A certain piece of valuable went missing and the whole work community in the office is already chattering blaming a shy and timid employee as the thief who stole the missing valuable. Employing critical thinking would not let someone to hastily judge that employee because of his social diffidence. Instead of inappropriate judgment, analyze first the case at hand and evaluate the details pertinent to it to find clues and information leading to the solution. Failure to practice critical thinking will only lead to inaccurate and often wrong conclusion thus neglecting the purpose of the human logical capabilities.
Proper judgment requires the critical thinking and analysis of the available information and specific details. It is very important that one must first utilize his or her brain before jumping to any hasty judgment to avoid mistakes and further aggravation of the problem already at hand. Thus, solution and accurate knowledge can only be attained by having critical analysis of the facts leading to the plausible conclusion.
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Human Understanding Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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