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The modern family faces huge problems which may be divided into institutional, inside and background, directly connected with features of a social and economic situation. All these problems are interconnected with each other and in order to smooth their acuteness it is necessary to provide a priority of family policy of the state, and also the maintenance of equal rights of men and women in all the questions of family's vital activity…
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Community care
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Download file to see previous pages 1. The presence of joint marital estate and of laws that determine its equal division after divorce changed the legal situation in the majority of countries. Now women become more financially secured, as they receive a part of property.
5. Most incomplete families are headed by women, and this kind of family is assigned legally. Unfortunately, the standard of living in such families remains law, as the women often do not obtain enough welfare to provide their families with all necessary things.
6. The duty of educating and bringing children up still lies upon women. About one third of children in most countries of the world lives in single parent family, with no male who could serve as the example and support for the children.
9. Increasing mobility, urbanization and the development of the means of transport enlarged the opportunities in communication between men and women. This provided women with the opportunity to judge her partner and part with him, if she finds it necessary.
10. Women now are conscious of their needs, emotions and desires, due to global changes in society. But their social and family duties remain the same, so their behaviour and social patterns are often defined by their duties, rather than their identity.
11. 11. The notion of the roles in the family and family itself, are changing rapidly, and this is the woman who is regarded as the protector if the historical and traditional significance of the family as the cell of society organism. (Erickson, 2005)
For achievement of full equality between men and women it is necessary to change a traditional role, both men's, and women's in the family and the society. However, at all times and at all peoples education of children was the basic female care and the role of the man in this business consisted only in intimidation. For woman it is necessary to survive and save the family in the created situation.
Today to such main women's cares as continuation of a human race" and the care of children is added such family care as participation in replenishment of the family budget and participation in distribution of family incomes.
In order to cope with the care assigned to them by a usual economic and political situation without damage to health, an effort should be made not only by women but by all the society, and basically by the state. The widespread views of patriarchy on the woman's position create additional difficulties. Attitudes between spouses, parents and children are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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