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William Shakespeares The Tempest - Book Report/Review Example

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Miranda is the most powerful female figure in The Tempest. Although she apparently sits by her father’s side, she has no real power. Her power is only in her status which she enjoys. She is entitled to all the trappings of the rich but is bereft of power. …
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William Shakespeares The Tempest
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Download file to see previous pages Prospero, the leading protagonist in Shakespeare’s The Tempest is a domineering man and father. As such, he is a patriarch who exercises his oppression to feminism. His daughter Miranda is portrayed as “perfect”, “peerless”, and the “admired Miranda”. Indeed, Miranda has a very narrow opinion of the role of women. She said that: We are such stuff As dreams are made on; And our little life Is rounded with a sleep (IV.i.156-58) Miranda is almost totally dependent upon Prospero for her happiness. Even after she found her love in Ferdinand, she and him were still dependent upon Prospero for their future. In Prospero’s terms, feminism means absolute obedience to him. Miranda is the most powerful female figure in The Tempest. Although she apparently sits by her father’s side, she has no real power. Her power is only in her status which she enjoys. She is entitled to all the trappings of the rich but is bereft of power. That would be rejected by a true feminist. Miranda is not a real feminist. In Shakespeare’s use of feminism, Miranda is portrayed as possessing external as well as internal beauty. It is a kind of manipulated feminism as even educated females are reflecting and supporting the patriarchal system. Education does not open her eyes; Miranda is staunchly filial to her father....
remain passive when her beloved Ferdinand was threatened
with death by Prospero. She rushed into her defense of her
lover Ferdinand.
O dear father,
Make not too rash a trial of him, for
He's gentle, and not fearful.
Prospero is shocked. He had been so confident of the
success of his education and upbringing of Miranda that he
miscalculated her potential of free will. Instilling
education was an act of feminism in liberating the woman
from ignorance. Now, it seemed that the dog has turned to
bite the hand of her master. He puts her in her place by
What! I say,
My foot my tutor
Prospero immediately puts her in her place. He is
saying that Miranda's status is but of a lowly one, like a
foot and as such, she has no right to tutor him on what to
do. He is indignant that his authority as head of the
household has been challenged. Miranda did not know that
Prospero was baiting the couple. He wanted to test the
strength of their love for each other by making it
difficult for them to unite as a couple. As a father,
Prospero wanted to ensure that Ferdinand was worthy of
Miranda and to prepare the couple for their united life
ahead of them.
Miranda, with all her contemporary feminism, is afraid
of Caliban. Her instinctive feminine traits tell her that
Caliban is a hostile slave because he resents his
captivity. She warns her father of this but he rebuffs her
because he is confident of his powers of magic to retain
his upper hand over Caliban (Patrick, 2001).
On the other hand, it can be argued that Miranda, with
her limited views of feminism, thinks that the slavery of
Caliban is unjustified. She might be thinking that if
females can be liberated (however ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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