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Contemporary Masculinity - Coursework Example

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Manliness used to be closely identified with derring-do, with being rude and nasty. Now men who express their masculinity through such traditional methods as brute strength and sheer contempt for womanly ways are being seen as throwbacks to the rough-hewn days…
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Contemporary Masculinity Coursework
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Extract of sample "Contemporary Masculinity"

Download file to see previous pages Some say the shift was caused by the women's movement, which brought men and women on equal footing. Others argue the reason is simple economics, with men needing to be well groomed to be more competitive in a tightening job market. Still others trace the phenomenon to the proliferation of media and the changing face of consumerism.
Whatever the reasons, the men exhibiting the old attributes of manhood are held less likely to play a significant part as role models for the youth in modern civilised life. Today's examples of modern manliness are David Beckham and his courtliness, Peter Mandelson and his buttoned-up punctiliousness, and Ruth Kelly and his dogged refusal to buckle under pressure 1. The new models of masculinity, according to the growing literature on the subject, require that they no longer engage in barroom brawls and out-drink everybody. They get themselves into trouble now and then but they are not above regretting their actions and feeling contrite for these, as gleaned from the frequent outbursts of Beckham on court, for which he would apologize to the sports fans later on. More important, the new icons of masculinity are fastidious about their appearance such that this has given rise to the unisex beauty salons, which used to service an all-female clientele. What brought about this marked shift in perception about the concept of true masculinity Were there any events or male personalities then and now that influenced this phenomenon If so, how exactly did it happen
These then are the major questions that this paper will seek answers to. The objective is to see what factor or conglomeration of factors and events brought about the change in the new concept of masculinity, and why characteristics previously considered unbecoming of a real man now seem to make up the epitome of manliness. Toward this end, the dissertation explores both the field and the literature for possible explanation. Section 1 will address metrosexuality, the name by which contemporary masculinity is now known, by focusing on its origin, spread and influences. Section 2 discusses the possible role of celebrities from the movie world, politics and the upper crust of society in bringing about this fascination with a new kind of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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