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Life on the Color Line - Essay Example

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Issues concerning racism are still valid and must be addressed even today. They are valid even in the United States. They can happen in a light banter in your neighborhood or they can take place in the form of pogroms of the type that existed in Russia in the 19th century when Jews were persecuted because of their distinct culture (Jewish Pogroms).
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Life on the Color Line
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Download file to see previous pages Their mother leaves them when faced with bankruptcy. Now the whites will not accept them, and the blacks will not accept them either. The boys, however, decide to grit out a living even in such abysmal conditions (Gregory Howard Williams).
Racism happen the world over. It happened in Germany when the Nazis declared the superiority of their race. It happened in the Roman empire where Roman citizens boasted of the privileges of their status that was not available to non-Romans. These incidents took place in the past, sometimes in the distant past. However, the issue has not died down to the level where their exposure would only draw curiosity and nothing else.
One of the reasons that racism has not died down is the us-and-them thinking pattern that looks upon one's neighbor cultural background with disdain and mockery. From such attitudes one can easily graduate to potentially more dangerous forms of racism that refuses to die down or be consigned to the annals of distant history.
One is reminded of the horrors of the Ku Klux Klan and the beating of Rodney King by four white Los Angeles police officers in 1992. These incidents, unfortunately, do not allow the topic of racism to exit in a peaceful mortuary.
The present status of Barack Hussein Obama as president of the United States can serve as a bright example of racial tolerance that exists in the United States today. However, consider these facts while hailing the incident of Barak Hussein Obama being elected the first non-white president of the United States.
"There is no question that the possibility of violence directed at presidential candidates, especially Obama, is the elephant in the middle of the room," says Peter Fenn, adjunct professor of political management at George Washington University, to describe the media's careful coverage of the issue.
Hillary Clinton's comments about the 1968 assassination of Kennedy caused an uproar among those who believe that the candidate wanted to bring up the security issue surrounding Obama" (Marcus Baram).
The security threat to Obama exists manifold more that those that existed for white presidents earlier. The issue is not only perplexing but also potential enough for the nation to be concerned about since it has to do with a president who has been elected in a fair and free manner.
Conscious and Informed Awareness
In the prevailing conditions, it is difficult to decide to turn a new leaf and start afresh where there will be no racial recriminations. Undoubtedly, the situation has improved from what it was earlier when it was all right for black men to serve as caddies and it was normal for black women to serve as housemaids. These are the days when a black man is the president of the United States. However, the stigma of being black in a nation where the white is predominant cannot be removed by wishful objectives. They have to be side stepped with humility and simple acknowledgment. Racial divisions will continue to make their presence felt because man is ultimately a weak entity. Every nation on earth has a race that is majority and some races in the minority. It is natural for the majority to claim dominance over the minority.
Nonetheless, issues that concern law and order problems relating ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Life on the Color Line Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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