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Immigration - Personal Statement Example

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I was born in Odessa, Ukraine, as part of the former Soviet Union. There were many obstacles for people in this system, which repressed religion and also under which there was a lot of gender repression. I emigrated with my parents to Israel, where my mother and father soon thereafter got divorced…
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Immigration Personal Statement
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Extract of sample "Immigration"

Download file to see previous pages I want to help people in the future who may face tribulations the same way she did.
I want to be a legal professional who can stand up for the rights of all of the downtrodden, and those in difficult situations. I also want to achieve social change and equality. I ask myself what can I do as one person to change any situation. The answer is that I can do everything as long as I accept the challenge of being an agent of change regarding social progress for families and children, for the continuing pursuit of social justice through law, with a personal focus on divorce law and immigration. In terms of the growth and change I have experienced while vicariously experiencing my mother's divorce as a child, I learned my legal internship that being involved in legal work requires a great deal of leadership and determination; leaders in the field must ensure the success of their clients in every way possible by being effective team players who can make definitive, goal-oriented decisions based on skills and experience
I have also learned through experience that it is not only dreams of success that bring people to the field of law. I care deeply about what happened to my mother in her divorce, and what happens to many. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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