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Immigration - Personal Statement Example

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I was born in Odessa, Ukraine, as part of the former Soviet Union. There were many obstacles for people in this system, which repressed religion and also under which there was a lot of gender repression. I emigrated with my parents to Israel, where my mother and father soon thereafter got divorced…
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Immigration Personal Statement
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Extract of sample "Immigration"

MENT I was born in Odessa, Ukraine, as part of the former Soviet Union. There were many obstacles for people in this system, which repressed religion and also under which there was a lot of gender repression. I emigrated with my parents to Israel, where my mother and father soon thereafter got divorced. Witnessing the struggles that my mother went through, I was very empathetic with her, and I felt that I was experiencing the same things that she was. Seeing my mother's struggles inspired me to become passionate about pursuing a career in law; with an emphasis on divorce and immigration law. I want to help people in the future who may face tribulations the same way she did.
I want to be a legal professional who can stand up for the rights of all of the downtrodden, and those in difficult situations. I also want to achieve social change and equality. I ask myself what can I do as one person to change any situation. The answer is that I can do everything as long as I accept the challenge of being an agent of change regarding social progress for families and children, for the continuing pursuit of social justice through law, with a personal focus on divorce law and immigration. In terms of the growth and change I have experienced while vicariously experiencing my mother's divorce as a child, I learned my legal internship that being involved in legal work requires a great deal of leadership and determination; leaders in the field must ensure the success of their clients in every way possible by being effective team players who can make definitive, goal-oriented decisions based on skills and experience
I have also learned through experience that it is not only dreams of success that bring people to the field of law. I care deeply about what happened to my mother in her divorce, and what happens to many. I believe that I have learned through my experience and study that I can work for immigrants and people going through divorces as an effective leader who adheres to a vision of professionalism and integrity while remaining responsible and productive in terms of personal and collective ethics. I am a strong proponent of the belief that the individual must accept responsibility for his/her decisions in the ways in which they affect society's dynamic both internally and externally. I enjoy concentrating on divorce and immigration law, and hope to help as many families as possible. I have grown and changed in my life, and I have seen how in the process of assimilation, both the host and the immigrant cultures are renewed and changed. Immigrants are often celebrated in American political and legal culture, and it is almost always for making America a better place with more diversity and the ever-present possibility of newness within the society being made. Entrepreneurial energy and family dynamics (as opposed to pervasive individualism) are often celebrated in terms of these being immigrant traits that are successfully assimilated into the larger culture of the United States. But at the same time, many immigrants face situations in which, due to language barriers and other issues, they are isolated from the collective culture, and may need to undergo a period of often uncomfortable adjustment. During this period, many things may be questioned. I can say that one thing which hasn't changed in my life is that I believe in the power of positive thinking and the value of ethical imperatives. I know that my education and work experience thus far has prepared me for taking steps towards my ultimate goal of becoming a practicing attorney. I have learned to use my experience, skills, and education to evince the type of leadership in which will allow me to help others as well as helping myself. Read More
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