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Future Career - Personal Statement Example

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Everyone has to choose a suitable career according to what they can do and then pursue an education accordingly to this choice. Owing to success in my school career, this choice is even more difficult for me. A choice between talent, reward, and interest on the one hand and a range of intrinsic and extrinsic motivations on the other…
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Future Career
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Download file to see previous pages This allows me to use my imagination and creativity alongside the technical skills I have developed which allow me to conceive a problem from a wide range of perspectives.
Business is an interesting field with as many variables as engineering, and perhaps less predictable outcomes. Exceptions to business common sense can produce exceptional results; the same can rarely be said of engineering. The very value of education in this field is one of hot debate, from entrepreneurs proud to have left school with nothing to the MBA hotshot riding the corporate inside track - it is a discipline where success by any means can be argued as valid. As a highly successful student of facts and natural laws, this is a highly intriguing idea. For all I can learn from lectures and research, there is always a higher level to aspire to - always a rival with an edge of natural flair. An academic analysis, for example, of a systemic change can soon fail without the personal skills to 'sell' it to the workers. I have spent a long time developing my brain; I now want the chance to test my heart, soul and guts.
There are numerous obstacles but the interesting part is to overcome the obstacles and run a smooth form of business. My parents have taught me that a balance between activities is always necessary for a healthy lifestyle. I engage in spending my free time constructively by serving the community and doing several jobs in my free time. I love reading business books. Just as I believe the highest level of success in business comes from drawing on every ounce of talent and ability, I believe that success in life comes through engaging every talent. The Cass MSc in Management enables graduates from a wide range of disciplines to develop real world knowledge and skills in key areas of modern management - it is this that most appeals to me, bringing the whole of my real world and life experiences to bear on how I do business.
Through this program I hope to graduate with the confidence to sensitively and intelligently apply practical quantitative skills, which are required for a successful career in risk management. I chose to join the program to further polish out mytechnical and quantitative knowledgeof different specialist risk management areas, such as financial modelling, valuation theory, credit derivative pricing, and credit portfolio management. My strong technical groundingandquantitative skill from my current studies will have a definite impact on my career, qualifying me for a more specialized risk manager role.
As much as a personality is important in business decision making, a person is also important in their society. While decisions can be made without feeling and individuals can try to exist as islands, both states seem unnatural and dangerous - oversimplified models that ignore a greater complexity. Activities I enjoy are enjoyable because of the interplay between myself and my community - the term 'altruistic' does not quite match, because I believe that every positive action brings broad rewards. I can rationalize this as a kind of karmic belief structure, but really it comes down to an analytical approach - what is good for a system or business should permeate all levels to bring mutual benefits. My natural talents have been nurtured thanks to the good will and determination of others. As a product of a global society, I try to carry out activities that make a positive impact ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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