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Aspects of Entrepreneurship as a Future Career - Essay Example

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As an entrepreneur, one has the chance to enjoy certain benefits such as the money, freedom, independence and job satisfaction…
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Aspects of Entrepreneurship as a Future Career
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Extract of sample "Aspects of Entrepreneurship as a Future Career"

Download file to see previous pages In this paper, the main focus will be to confirm the contemporary aspects of entrepreneurship and relate how they can apply to me as a future entrepreneur.
An entrepreneur is usually a self-employed individual, hence enjoys enormous independence. The independence enjoyed by an entrepreneur is usually experienced as they launch ventures. Entrepreneurs have the flexibility and ability to multitask (Bharadwaj 1). Given their strong sense of responsibility, entrepreneurs can handle and deal with the basic requirements of starting up businesses on their own. Here, their independence may allow them not to seek professional assistance, which many opt for, and as required by the prerequisites, especially when it is a company involved.
Entrepreneurs exercise their independence right from the point of being cognizant of the opportunity, resource gathering, network creation or building, goal setting as well as strategies implementation. An entrepreneur is highly reliant, and this helps them to avoid many of the business odds that come during its early stages. As an independent individual, entrepreneurs are jacks-of–all trades, making them single-handedly able to bring up a business from a scratch to operation.
Research shows that many entrepreneurs record higher and significant job satisfaction than those in the wage employment (Naude 1). Such entrepreneurs usually receive satisfaction from for being self-employed as they have total control over their venture and its resources. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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