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Lockhart River M23 Accident - Case Study Example

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This paper under the headline 'Lockhart River M23 Accident" focuses on the fact that the aircraft SA227-DC Metro 23, registered VH-TFU on 7 May 2005, was refuelled at Bamaga for the return flight to Cairns via the Lockhart River to embark two passengers. …
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Lockhart River M23 Accident
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Extract of sample "Lockhart River M23 Accident"

Download file to see previous pages After 3 minutes the co-pilot informed Brisbane ATC that the aircraft was on the descent, passing 10,000 ft AMSL with an expected time of arrival at Lockhart River of 11:38. At 11:39 the co-pilot announced on the CTAF (Common Traffic Advisory Frequency) that the crew was conducting the runway 12 RNAV (GNSS) approach. At 11:41 the aircraft was over the LHRWI intermediate fix and descent was resumed at 4.8 NM from the LHRWF waypoint. This was 3.1 NM before the descent point specified on the approach chart for the 3.49-degree steady angle approach path to the overlooked approach position.
After levelling briefly at 3000 feet 18 degrees of flaps were chosen. The aircraft then started decline 1.4 NM before the final approach fix (FAF). This was 0.3 NM (about 7 seconds) after the descent point specified for the steady slant approach path. The standard rate of descent was 1000 ft/min, rising to 1700 ft/min. At 11:43 the Metro was over the FAF at a height of 2379 feet. The elevation at this phase ought to have been 2860 feet. The plane descended then through the phase minimum safe height of 2,060 ft. It continued to descend until it impacted to the heavily timbered ridge in the Iron Range National Park. The altitude of the first impact with trees was 1,210 ft that were about 90 ft below the peak of the ridge. None survived out of 2 crews and 13 passengers. This essay looks into various failed systems and reason for their failure and in turn the accident of CFIT. The essay will as well in addition talk about on how this accident shows the disparities with regard to the safety culture within the general aviation and small local airlines component of the Australian aviation scene (ASN, 2005).
The Transair VH-TFU accident is considered as CFIT and includes a number of factors linking to human performance, local conditions, risk control and, Transair and CASA procedures.
Before going into details of the safety factors recognized, the flight data and situations under which the flight was being operated need to be evaluated.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Lockhart River M23 Accident Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words)
Lockhart River M23 Accident Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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