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Effective Planning and Management of Emergencies - Case Study Example

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The paper "Effective Planning and Management of Emergencies" describes that trauma and distress can be minimized by effective planning and management of emergencies. Natural disasters and calamities like floods, storms, hurricanes, and fires hit with no or little forewarning…
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Effective Planning and Management of Emergencies
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Extract of sample "Effective Planning and Management of Emergencies"

Download file to see previous pages As a corporate security manager, I shall ascertain the deficiencies like lack of resources in terms of equipment, supplies, trained personnel or items that require rectification to face the emergency (Gibson, 2007). I shall do pre-emergency preparation by training my people for using alerting services, handling casualties, knowledge of available options and corrective measures in case of an emergency. I shall place an emergency departure plan in the organization. All the members of the organization will be trained to use the plan and understand various signs it has to avoid panicking. Precautionary measures, safety policy, and rules will be established and communicated to all employees to avoid any mishap (Beutler, 2007).
A crises management team will be trained and educated to provide emergency services such as firefighting, dangerous goods handling, evacuation and first aid medical services. Proper infrastructure in terms of emergency equipment required will be in a place like; firefighting equipment, first aid medical materials and communications tools etc. Facilities such as protected areas, safe pathways and well-defined evacuation plans shall be maintained. Training will be conducted for institutional strengthening. Backup system will be in place to restore and recover all information assets (Borque, 2006).
Emergency response stage includes identification of the most critically hit area and then mobilizing emergency services to that area. In response stage, I shall rescue the disaster area by channelizing the core emergency services like police, ambulances, and firefighters etc. The fewer hit areas will be informed to remain precautious so that any panic may not harm or multiply the effect of calamity. The next step is to impede the disaster by understanding the root cause of it. An effective leadership team shall be taken on board to coordinate with the initial responders and implement a disciplined response plan.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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