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Attributes of A Leader - Essay Example

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This essay named "Attributes of A Leader" outlines qualities and abilities that true leader should have. Thoughts are given in this essay was achieved through the analysis of such an outstanding historical personality as Malcolm X…
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Attributes of A Leader
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"Attributes of A Leader"

Download file to see previous pages Malcolm X was a renowned black civil rights leader. He dedicated a majority of his life to creating racial pride in his black listeners. Many things led to his strong feelings against white domination, including his family life and his experiences as a young adult, this created his dreams and goals and followed up with his many accomplishes as a civil rights leader.
Malcolm X was born in Omaha Nebraska. Growing up his family was constantly harassed by whites who didn't like his father, Earl little because he was an organiser for the "Back-to-Africa" movement. His father was murdered when Malcolm was just six years old. Shortly after his father died his mother had a nervous breakdown and the rest of his family was split up by welfare agencies. Malcolm continued to go to school with dreams of someday becoming a lawyer or a doctor until his eighth-grade teacher told him he should learn carpentry and just forget his dreams because he was black. He dropped out of school that year and he supported himself for a few years as a hustler. Malcolm cheated his way through his young adult life until he was put into jail for burglary
While in prison Malcolm adopted the Islamic religion. He believed that blacks all over the world should join forces and fight against racism. In his mind, white people had broken up his family and ruined his life all because of racial tension. Above all, he stressed strong ethical conduct among blacks, in other words, a strong racial unity. Malcolm believed that one day blacks would be repaid for all the loss and suffering caused by whites. Malcolm made it his goal to convince fellow blacks to speak out against racism; he dedicated the rest of his life to this task (Robin 1999 p 12).
He never lagged with a gap between his thoughts and his actions. Whatever he desired he went and attempted, and continued until all options were exhausted. Only his goal was not to improve his standing in life, but to improve his peoples', he must be respected as they are because of his commitment to his goal
The population recognized his creativity and freshness behind these ideas. They realized that like other ideal Americans in history, Malcolm had new theories, but more importantly that he new how to use them. His thoughts were unlike past notable Americans, but they were just as creative and original as those men and women who were considered ingenious role models. Malcolm's ability to implement these new ideas on the population affects the world around him. He sets out to change the world with fresh, new ideas, and succeeds in gaining ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Attributes of A Leader Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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