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Mcdonalds AD - Essay Example

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How many and what are the places you have seen, heard, touched been touched by a McDonalds AD. Do you see any market integration? McDonald’s has emerged as the world’s largest chain of fast food outlets around the world and serves some 64 million people each day…
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Mcdonalds AD
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Download file to see previous pages Probably the most common place that most people experience McDonald’s advertisements is the television. I have often seen McDonald’s advertisements on television that are aired between popular programs on various channels. Throughout the entire McDonald’s advertisement experience, the greatest presence is on television. Moreover, McDonald’s also utilises the radio. Both the television and radio advertisements campaigns are distinctly noticeable with the “I’m lovin’ it” catch phrase in each media. Similarly, McDonald’s has advertisements that are geared towards local newspapers and journals. These advertisements generally display new deals and discounts that are available in the local McDonald’s food chains. Another significant area where McDonald’s advertisement is noticeable are various billboards and signage that can be seen installed on both local roads as well as highways. The billboards on highways are far larger and are more distinctly noticeable. Other than this, McDonald’s often advertises itself through sponsoring various local, regional and international events. McDonald’s can be seen sponsoring Little League just the same as it sponsors the Olympic Games. The typical McDonald’s logo is highly noticeable in all these situations through the coolers of drink that they distribute on these events. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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