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Welcome to Mrs. Winston's 1st Grade Class! Dear parents, Welcome to my classroom. As we start the new school year together, I would like to share my philosophy of teaching with you as well as my classroom management plan so that I can help you understand what my class will be like for your child…
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Punishment Strategies
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Welcome to Mrs. Winston's 1st Grade Dear parents, Welcome to my room. As we start the new school year together, I would like to share myphilosophy of teaching with you as well as my classroom management plan so that I can help you understand what my class will be like for your child. My philosophy I believe in having high expectations for my students, not only the first day of school, but every day afterward. I communicate my expectations to my students and ask them to cooperatively work with me and their classmates on achieving these expectations. I believe that every child can learn and can excel, when provided the means to succeed. Through differentiated instruction, this can be achieved. I also believe that while developing their academic skills, teachers should help students develop their social skills. As a classroom, we will work together on developing a sense of respect for ourselves and others and a sense of responsibility. Students who follow our classroom rules will receive a ticket at the end of the day for each rule that they followed throughout the day. This way, each student can earn 3 tickets a day. These tickets can be traded in on Fridays for the following: Consequences 1st offense: verbal warning 2nd offense: silent lunch 3rd offense: owe 5 minutes of recess 4th offense: owe 10 minutes of recess and note home The first time that a student breaks a class rule, the student will be given a verbal warning and the teacher will remind the student of the rule that has been broken. The second time that a student breaks the same rule, the teacher will remind the student of the rule and the student will be required to eat lunch without talking. The third time that a student breaks the same rule, the teacher will remind the student of the rule and the student will spend owe 5 minutes of recess to the teacher. The fourth time that a student breaks the same rule, the teacher will remind the students of the rule and the student will owe 10 minutes of recess to the teacher and a note will be sent home. If you prefer to be called instead of receiving a note, please let me know. During "owed time" students will walk laps around the playground or complete unfinished class work or homework assignments. Looking forward to a great year, Mrs. Stacey Winston List of punishment strategies from least intrusive to most intrusive 1. Verbal Reprimand (1st offense) 2. Quiet Time Strategy (2nd offense) 3. Owing Time Strategy (3rd and 4th offense) Read More
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