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International and National Relief Efforts - BHS412 Module 4 – SLP The purpose of this paper is to provide a critical discussion on the maintenance and training required for the CDRP. Moreover this paper will discuss possible strengths and weaknesses of the CDRP; as well as cover how changes in relief and recovery needs will be monitored…
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International and National Relief Efforts - BHS412 Module 4 - SLP
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International and National Relief Efforts - BHS412 Module 4 – SLP The purpose of this paper is to provide a critical discussion on the maintenance and training required for the CDRP. Moreover this paper will discuss possible strengths and weaknesses of the CDRP; as well as cover how changes in relief and recovery needs will be monitored. After this point this paper will go into detail as to how the plan should anticipate working with relief organizations for the solicitation of donations as well as discussing to what degree does Corporate responsibility relate to the solicitation of donations in the in any relief plan? For this particular Catastrophic Disaster Response Plan, the idea was to keep all databases and information updated on an ongoing basis. What this translates to is that all maintenance and training will have to be constantly updated and modified to adapt to the situation at hand as well as predicted future incidents. For example, it could be the case that one particular disaster relief scenario takes place in an area in which there is very little or no water available to disaster affected people, and in another situation there would be an abundance of water. Given the former scenario, staff involved would have to have special training as to steps that can be taken to ensure that water arrives as fast as possible to affected people wherein in the later scenario (Assuming available water is not polluted) acquisition of water could take a back seat to more important products and or services. In effect all training will have to be undertaken on an ongoing basis and will be based upon new developments in technology. The possible strengths of the CDRP are fairly obvious insofar as all people contributing to various disaster relief efforts would have already received training on numerous scenarios and would have effectively had exposure with all of the latest technologies. However, the most challenging problem of this scenario is that there would be considerable costs associated with this endeavour and it could be that significant human resources would have to be dedicated to ongoing training efforts which could be difficult to coordinate. Changes in relief needs would be monitored through a panel of experts. At least one specialist from each of the parties involved (Military, civilian, logistical, financial, etc) and these individuals would review changes that have been suggested by people in the field as well as people affected. If it is the circumstance that frequent suggestions for additional resources to be dedicated to a new project than as a group they can decide upon the best course of action. In regards to collaborative efforts for the solicitation of donations, According to the DHS, 2008 there is little question that funds represent the backbone of any relief effort. From this perspective it is the consensus that a dedicated sales staff should be formed with a committee being responsible for oversight. If ti is the case that the sales professional have not performed to expectations or they have acted in an inappropriate manor than modifications should be made. Building on the previous argument it would be wise to establish beforehand a set of guidelines of CSR that clearly outlines the objectives as well as the boundaries that are acceptable for achieving these objectives. If funds were to be received from an organization that behaves immorally or inappropriately that it would be inappropriate to associate with these people. Moreover this provides for the possibility of avoiding the pitfalls outlined by Burns (2010) of the generating an unfavourable position despite relief efforts. By establishing the rules in advance than there would be less opportunity for rules to be broken without consequences. Burns (2010). Humanitarian Aid v. National Interests: The Current Dilemma in Pakistan. Georgetown Public Policy Review. Retrieved July 10th from Department of Homeland Security (2008). National Response Framework. ,DHS, January 2008. Retrieved July 10th, 2011 from the Web at Read More
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