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Mathematics Education in Public Schools - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Mathematics Education in Public Schools
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Download file to see previous pages Here, I would like to share a challenging experience that I have had with my students a year ago. I was appointed as the teacher of Mathematics for grade 10 at a school. On my first day in the school, the principal called me in his office and showed me the previous record of all students of grade 10. I was surprised to see that the score of most of the students in mathematics were below 60 percent. My principal gave me the responsibility to improve the students’ performance in Mathematics. I accepted the challenge and started working towards the cause. Moving towards the cause, I first analyzed students’ performance in the ninth grade. I came to know that the students were weak in the areas of algebra, measurements, and statistics. I developed a well-planned strategy to make my students overcome their difficulties and get good grades in the tenth grade. I broke the 6 months of teaching into 3 sections. In the first section, which comprised of 2 months, I planned to teach basic measurements, such as, use of Pythagoras theorem, use of trigonometric ratios, and use of compass to the students. In the next section, which comprised of 1 months, I decided to teach algebra to the students, and in the last section, which comprised of 2 months, I planned to teach statistics to the students. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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