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The Development Of Children's Thinking Related To Mathematics - Research Paper Example

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The paper "The Development Of Children's Thinking Related To Mathematics" describes that children from economically challenged families appear to have a more difficult time in learning mathematical skills than do children from families with secure finances…
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The Development Of Childrens Thinking Related To Mathematics
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"The Development Of Children's Thinking Related To Mathematics"

Download file to see previous pages Specifically addressing the cultural disparities, rather than focusing on elements of irrelevant ethnicity or dismissing merely because of socio-economic issues will help to find solutions for the problem as it is restructured for the reasons that these disparities occur, rather than unrelated assumptions (Bodovski & Farkas, 2007). When specifically researched, the disparities due to ethnic diversities, especially between Caucasians and African Americans, the differences can be measured because of the experiences that African American students have in classrooms where they are treated as if they will not learn the information, leaving them in a position where they are not encouraged, are not given adequate attention, nor expected to achieve. The disparities that are observed among children when demographic information is used in regard to ethnicity shows a wide achievement gap between Caucasians and Asians when compared to children who are African American and Latino. Culture, on the other hand, is far more influential than any other aspect of a child's life on how they will approach their education. Research, it appears, has been focused on the wrong criteria for interpreting the data. New information that has been observed for the reasons why children of different ethnicities have different levels of achievement relies on the experiences that children have within their own cultures in regard to learning in combination with the experiences that they have with learning opportunities within the school systems. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Development Of Children'S Thinking Related To Mathematics Research Paper.
“The Development Of Children'S Thinking Related To Mathematics Research Paper”, n.d.
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