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Pre-Registration Nursing DipHe/BSc (Hons) Year 1 Common Foundation Programme: Student Workbook. Question 1. Cartoon. Question 2. If we have grown up in a middle class family it can be difficult to appreciate what life is like for people in a working class or poor family…
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Student Workbook
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Download file to see previous pages If we conceive of health being a physical thing, we might miss some emotional and mental aspects We might have moral views which influence the way we see patients, for example thinking that alcohol, drugs, and inactivity are morally wrong. Question 3. You could add the following tips Eat only organic food, and wash everything very carefully. Don’t take up any dangerous jobs like mining or building and construction work. Don’t use mobile telephones for more than a few minutes at a time. Keep away from areas prone to natural disasters (tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanoes). Question 4. Starting at the centre of the diagram and working outwards the following influences have impacted on my own health and wellbeing: My family has been the single most important influence on my life, and without their love and support I would not be the person I am today, looking to start a nursing career. I have always been physically active, and my experience at school was very good. I used to love P.E. As I get older it becomes more difficult to stay active but at least in my childhood this was a very positive experience. I have experienced quite a moderate amount of variety and ability to spend money and enjoy the usual things like shopping and holidays. This has helped me to maintain good relationships with loyal friends. I find that living in the city is sometimes stressful, and the atmosphere when moving around can be quite polluted. I can feel the adverse effects on my lungs, especially in summer. I enjoy the internet, and keeping in touch with friends who have moved to different places. This is good for my mental health, and ensures I always have someone to talk to, even if they are far away. I think the UK is a good country to live in, because it has a moderate climate and good health and welfare systems. I can access doctors and dentists anytime, and this is something I never take for granted, especially when compared with some other countries in the world. Question 5. This question is answered in connection with a patient, Mrs X, who is 74 years old and suffering from unstable angina along with early stages of dementia. The points are once again taken from the inside of the diagram outwards. Mrs X is a widow, and the absence of her husband is a source of pain for her. It may contribute to her listlessness, because she misses him even though he died several years ago. She has one son, but he does not visit much, and this too is difficult. Mrs X is inactive most of the time because she has pain on exertion at unpredictable times, and this makes her scared of doing too much. She also spends frequent spells in hospital because of her angina. This makes her life unpredictable, and she is prone to confusion and depression. There is a good support system in the church that Mrs X attends. This offers her social and spiritual activities, although she is increasingly not well enough to take them up. Living in a flat which is several stories off the ground makes it difficult for Mrs X to get out and about. I suspect also that heating might be too expensive for her, because she seems to be hospitalized more in winter than in summer. I do not think Mrs X gets enough fresh air. Her lack of mobility and her fear of muggers and sudden illness stop her from enjoying walks or outings. One of the problems of Mrs X is that she feels excluded from a lot of modern society, and often talks about the past. The modern world is too complex for her, and she is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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